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7 Crevices to Live In If You Can’t Snag Your Dream Westwood Apartment

You waited too long, and now every desirable Westwood apartment, from the far reaches of Strathmore to the proximity of Gayley, has been taken by some semi-competent Angeleno. Fall not into the throes of despair young Bruin, because Campus remains rich with wonderful outdoor options for sleeping and living! Here are a few.

7.) The ramp next to the study:
Why not? You’ll have your own chefs and baristas (for a fee, of course) but hey, you’re already getting that free housing. Let’s not forget that KOMBUCHA ON TAP!

6.) The side entrance to Royce:
Want a more aesthetic vibe? No problem. The side entrance of Royce has you covered. Best part, you’ll be able to hear the echo from the orchestras and bands that play inside, so you’ll never be left out from a concert again.

5.) Between two trees in the sunken garden:
You wanted a more outdoorsy feel, and we get it…you’re vegan. Between two trees in the sunken garden not only brings you closer to nature but closer to campus too. While all your friends are dreading that walk to Dodd, you’re right around the corner. And since you’re vegan, you probably own a hammock. What could be better? Well, for one thing, meat.

4.) Benches in front of Murphy:
They read your application, sent you an acceptance letter, and it is the home of the REGISTRAR… and now you’re home because you’re too broke and can’t afford your dream apartment. At least the financial aid office is steps away for you to accept that loan you declined two years ago. You can do that, right?

3.) Gender neutral bathroom in Ackerman:
Having trouble with your current roommates because they don’t allow anyone of the opposite sex in the dorm after 10 p.m.? Well that’s okay when UCLA has a gender-neutral bathroom. LGBTQIAPK—no one is excluded from this safe-space! And unlike the previous crevices, you can do your business without a shovel and a leaf handy.

2.) Powell Cat’s hideout next to Powell:
You don’t go to Powell Cat—Powell Cat goes to you. You see him everyday after that upper-div that’s kicking your ass; you buy Kerkhoff pastries just so you can have a lunch date with him; your friends tag you in every Powell Cat post on the meme page. Stop being a tease and just move in with him already!

1.) In the inverted fountain:
Still not convinced that crevices are far preferable to four walls and privacy? Well, last and very least, THE INVERTED FOUNTAIN! Who wouldn’t want to be #wet everyday?




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