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Top 5 Drunk Foods of Chino Hills, California

Chino Hills has never been anything special. It’s safe, clean and has a school system decent enough to send most of its population to community college. This doesn’t mean, however, that drunken shenanigans doesn’t exist there. Plenty of bored soccer moms and overweight dads are dying to take off the edge after dealing with their own spoiled children. In these cases, these places are the best after drink spots that locals flock to.

5.) Any Korean BBQ:
With Chino Hills being as boring as hell, Korean BBQ has become the most exciting trend since coffee shops that aren’t chains. Who doesn’t like cooking raw meat on a flaming hot stove right in front of you right? Apparently all the drunkards of this town don’t really understand the safety hazard that comes with it and being at such a good deal they just couldn’t resist. If you want real advice, don’t ever eat Korean BBQ drunk or your toilet will suffer the consequences, but watching other people try makes for some great entertainment while you’re waiting for your meat to cook.

4.) Afters Handcrafted Ice Cream:
This makes the list for the mere fact that it is the only unique shop in Chino Hills. Getting to skip the big brands and getting ice cream in a donut is something we all take pride in, as there is little to take pride in. So whenever visiting, expect to see some drunks stumbling around Afters to replace alcohol with a shit ton of sugar. Just be prepared for some colorful puking outside later on and to be around a lot of bitchy high schoolers.

3.) Ra:
Though it’s an incredibly strange combination, sushi is one of the biggest kinds of foods found in Chino Hills. Sushi restaurants are as common as a Starbucks around here and don’t expect raw fish to stop the locals from getting drunk. At Ra in particular, you can get some bitchin’ cocktails alongside your California roll, if you have the money because all of us have to be boujee as hell. Beware as you might get kicked out for not being classy or refined, but at the end of the night you’ll be so lit on sake bombs you won’t give a shit.

2.) Taco Bell:
Being in Southern California, most people assume we’re overflowing with top-notch Mexican food. And they’re right! However, it does not stop us from going to the shitty stuff all day every day. Taco Bell is the horrendous staple of our cookie cutter town and a huge hot spot for the inebriated, most of whom are high schoolers. Many of the drunk people there need to puke out the alcohol anyway so really Taco Bell’s food works in their favor.

1). In-N-Out:
This one is probably not at all surprising. Everyone has heard a Californian complain about missing this place, but we do have good reason. In-N-Out is the only fast food restaurant in Chino Hills that doesn’t make you feel guilty after eating it. It’s affordable, popular and basic as hell. So why wouldn’t the average drunk SoCal person want to go there? That is the beauty of Chino Hills: everyone is massively boring and predictable so of course an overrated chain like In-N-Out would be at the top of this list.

Chino Hills really isn’t much. If you’re getting drunk here, you’re going to have to deal with the basic food available.

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