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Bruin Develops God Complex After UCLA Meme Post Success

UCLA sophomore Jess “Tag a Slut” Rogers, who posted the first 10,000-plus like meme to UCLA Memes for Sick AF Tweens early last week, has let the “fame get way into her head,” sources close to her said.  

The group–which has more than 50,000 members–allows members to share memes that get huge amounts of exposure good and bad. This type of positive reinforcement is known to wreak havoc on people’s egos, as in the case of Rogers.

Sources earlier this week witnessed Rogers verbally assault an unnamed Kerckhoff Coffee House employee after he dared ask for name.

“She started shrieking, ‘Don’t you know who I am?!’ She told people in the line to explain it to him and literally kicked everybody in line who didn’t know,” the employee said. Rogers left Kerckhoff before they could even finish her order. 

In most cases, the 15 minutes of Facebook group fame goes away within a day or two; students casually mention that they got 1,500 likes, 600 loves, and 300 angry reactions in conversation, but ‘”eventually, they let it go,” said a local meme expert, who wished to remain anonymous. 

Rogers’s God complex, though, has not stopped. That day, she monitored the meme page and as the comments and tags rolled in, she grew more and more impressed with herself.

At around 8 p.m., when she was at dinner, the meme’s comment section broke out into a vicious fight when two girls were tagged over an incident with a boy. Reportedly, Jess slowly pushed back her chair, climbed on top of the Covel table, and screamed, “I am the puppet master!”

The newfound fame has propelled her to make some other changes, including breaking up with her boyfriend of three years, Will Steingold.

“She said she was gonna make it big, and Kanye would divorce Kim for her,” Steingold moaned through a steady stream of tears. “She asked me to give her Kanye’s best, man.”

Though Rogers has taken a backseat to other memes in the past week, she went as far as to demand that a frat boy call her back after a one-night stand.

“Success on a meme page can definitely be taken too far,” Steingold said. 

If anyone else is struggling with mental health situations like Jess’, whether it be God complex or fourth-stage procrastination, places like CAPS are available to help.


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