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Incoming UCLA Freshman: ‘Wow! I Can’t Wait to Go to UCLA!’

Yes! Finally, I’ve done it. It’s March 15, and I’ve finally gotten my acceptance letter from the absolute best and most accommodating college on the west coast: UCLA. As an incoming freshman, I know I’ve made the right choice. From the moment my first tour ended, I knew I would be a big fish in a big pond.

At a school like UCLA, I can’t wait to experience things college students enjoy. Like Bruin Walk! I don’t think being handed fliers to all these super cool clubs, like Bruin Anime Society, will ever get old.

One might say I’m pretty good at answering questions when asked.

I don’t know why anyone would ever want to go to a small school. UCLA has so many dining halls that I can’t imagine ever having to wait in line. I think I’ll go to that “Late Nite” place every night. I’m going to use every single swipe in my meal plan, I know it!

And there are just so many classes to take! I can’t wait to take all of the that interest me, like SCAND 50 or Stats 10. I don’t see how that process could ever get fucked up. Enrollment is just like high school, right? You just pick the class and you’re in it? Gotta be. 

There is just so much space, too. I can’t wait to be in the dorm they took us to on the tour. Being in a single with air conditioning and my own bathroom is going to be so fun. I’m going to get so much quality REM sleep.

And when I’m not in my room, I can go to one of UCLA’s many libraries and sit wherever I want. The Sunday before finals week is about to be the most productive day of every quarter, I’m calling it right now.

Not to mention, I am so excited to be attending a real football school. Bus rides to the football games are going to be so rowdy. I’m so not going to chug a water bottle full of vodka and throw up out the window onto the 405. Who would do that? Oh, and Pasadena is close right? They don’t call us the Bru-WINS for nothing!

With all these opportunities, my resume is bound to be impressive—finding employment as a UCLA grad should be a walk in the park.

I don’t think I’ll ever regret my choice to enroll at UCLA. Thank God I have my life figured out!


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