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A Line-by-Line Interpretation of King Chancellor Gene Block’s Meme Letter

It’s 2018, and UCLA is officially No. 1 in public university rankings and censorship. UCLA’s vice provost told us (given the warm response to the censorship of a certain comic provocateur) that Gene Block will now be censoring all memes that hurt his feelings. We took it line by line, and deciphered what Gene Block actually meant. 

To the Campus Community:

All you meme-making shits!

Free speech and intellectual debate, even when uncomfortable, are critical for thriving communities.

Memes, even when they’re TRASH and get like 12 reactions, still have a right to be memed. Would you trash me by low-quality meming me? You must NOT.

And yet some speech, although legally protected, is intended primarily to insult, demean and spark outrage among members of our community.

Some are just downright hurtful y’all. See me being inclusive and NICE saying “y’all.”

Recently a student group invited an outside speaker to give a talk on campus. The title of the talk referenced what the speaker “hated” about Mexico – a country with deep ties to our city, our state and our nation.

Have you seen the meme header? It’s what I HATE about the meme page: I don’t even skate bro! This is libel! Down with free speech!

This is also a country that is an important part of the heritage of many Bruins. The expression of disdain did not appear to be an attempt to engage in reasoned discussion, but rather a move by the speaker to gain notoriety through a mean-spirited, racially tinged publicity stunt.

Some of your memes are just plain mean dudes. #Drainthememepage

This kind of tactic and his rhetoric are totally contrary to our values.

Although y’all have freedom of speech, you really don’t. Not when you make shitty memes. And those Valentine’s Day cards sucked. #sorrynotsorry

I was grateful to learn earlier today that the sponsoring student group decided to cancel the event.

Thank GOD they cancelled the event so I don’t have to hear you guys whine at my office hours.

As a prominent university, we will continue to be a target for such provocateurs.

You guys are so sensitive and always have your feelings hurt, so we have to keep the big bad wolves off our campus, and off the meme page.

I hope we will all continue to resist such provocations and further nurture our campus culture, which values ideas over hatred.

And I swear, if any of you create a stupid meme of me again, at least make it funny.


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