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6 Reasons The Smart, Talented, And Extremely Likable Josh Rosen Will Go Top 3 in The NFL Draft

Some call him the prototypical NFL QB, with legacy-leaving college stats and basics that make recruiters drool. Others think Josh Rosen deserves to be remembered as the guy who started as the top pick and ended up having a personality so unpalatable undesirable he fizzled just as soon as he started. After speaking with hundreds of fans, we made a comprehensive list of reasons Rosen will be chosen by the Browns, Giants or Jets.

6.) He doesn’t understand how to make friends, so he’ll definitely be dedicated in the NFL:
There’s nothing more sexy to a recruiter than a QB with an enormous football IQ who doesn’t know how to make friends! He’ll work harder than everybody, avoid the water cooler equivalent of the football field, and crush the competition along the way.

5.) Did you SEE the game against TAMU?:
Every football-loving resident of College Station, Texas cried in anguish the day Rosen accomplished of the second-biggest comeback in NCAA football history. The echoes were so powerful they made seven-hundredth audible orbits around Earth. “I was just leaving my house, and then I heard ‘No HOW!?’ come out of nowhere,” said an Arctic Circle resident. “Clearly, somebody got absolutely wrecked in college football somewhere far away.”

4.) He LIVES for trash talk:
Thankfully, Rosen has thick, competitive skin. When people in Facebook comments section bash him as an “aloof, cold-hearted jerk,” and “smug and detached,” we know Rosen actually lives for it! Thankfully he’s so smart and talented, he can see they’re all just fearful of his vast talents.

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3.) Man had pigeon-footed twits for an O-line:
Some in the depths of NCAA know that Rosen was actually responsible for the downright shameful offensive line UCLA endured for years. Apparently, Rosen wanted a challenge because football is actually way too easy for him. It clearly worked because now everybody thinks he’s the smart, talented, shining beacon of UCLA football.

2.) He has the support of the only fan that matters: 
“This is the kid who beat De La Salle in high school, who played through a concussion, and had a 341 passing yards per game average, and you’re telling me he isn’t the most amazing player of all TIME?” questioned Rosen’s mother. We’re glad he has one friend.

1.) Well, that’s the list:
So we have five reasons, but we’ll give him six because he’ll need all the luck he can get to get into the top three. 

We know one thing: the kid’s going, but will Browns fans get this smug, detached, and exceptionally-talented player, or will he pull a Cousins and end up in the fourth round? We’ll know soon enough.

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