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10 Insightful Kanye Tweets to Guide You Through Every Tragedy UCLA Throws at You

There is no disappointment quite like spring quarter. UCLA is UCLA, and nothing changes between fall and spring quarter except for, maybe, the capacity of B-Fit. Here are 10 Kanye tweets to help you manage your much-lower-than-the-beginning-of-the-year expectations and get through these final few weeks.

10.) For the sorority girls skulking home in broad daylight wearing a men’s shack shirt over their Rocco’s attire:

9.) For the moment when your heart almost stops from a hauntingly powerful concoction of Adderall, coffee, and the foreign energy drinks that were on sale at Ackerman:

As always, Kanye knows best!!! Don’t worry. It’ll pay off. Maybe you’ll even get three hours of sleep, if you’re lucky.

8.) When you decide to say fuck it and hand in the midterm paper without looking it over once:

7.) For when the school promises you that you’ll be able to enroll in all of the classes you need to graduate:

It would honestly just be better if your pre-reqs took bribes.

6.) For when you decide to just take the L and hand in a blank final:

5.) For when you get an email reminding you that you’re on academic probation:

Freshman year was a learning experience, OKAY MOM?

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4.) For when you decide to take the bike route instead of BruinWalk and turn down multiple offers to cure childhood cancer:

3.) For when you slip eight pieces of B-plate bread out in a napkin after being swiped in:

As Yeezy and his tweets have taught you, can’t nobody judge you, especially if its lemon poppyseed bread.

2.) For when your homie sends you their essay from last year and hits you with that “just change it up a little, they won’t notice”:

1.) And the ever-classic — for when you get a 52 on the final but the curve turns it into an A:


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