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The Top 5 Drunk Foods of San Bernardino, California

On the weekends, you’re out partying or doing nothing of importance with a group of your pals drinking yourselves into a never-ending state of hungriness. You must feed that need with all the horrid junk food you wouldn’t dare eat in the right state of mind. So where do you go? Well, with a bit of bills in your pockets, this list of top five places will surely help that vicious craving of junk.

5.) Little Caesars Pizza:
If you’re craving some hot cardboard with tomato sauce, Little Caesars is the go-to for some greasy pizza you’d usually avoid when in the right state of mind. On any regular day, their deep-dish pizzas are somewhat of a monstrosity of greasiness but during a night of some heavy drinking, it is one of the best foods to have. Be warned that majority of the staff are high schoolers, so if you are stumbling and slurring that you want some deep dish, be ready to get some glances from the younger staff.

4.) In-N-Out:
It’s one of the more non-greasy choices of foods, but when you’re drunk who cares, right? Those anime-style fries look like a monstrosity but can be heaven in your mouth when you’ve got the ravenous cravings for some extreme eating. There is also the 4×4 burger in the secret menu that is a mouthful and therefore the perfect food to gorge on when drunk and uncaring of how horrifying you’ll look to others trying to shove a 4-patty burger into your mouth.

3.) Tam’s Burgers:
Despite it being known for its burgers, the best drunk food from here is the chili cheese fries, a great pile of French fries covered in blob of chilli and absolutely dripping with cheese… it is truly a masterpiece and may be one of the most magical experiences of your life. You’d be a maniac to eat the large order but when you’re drunk anything goes so go all out!

2.) Taco Bell:
With just a handful of bills you can walk in and walk out with a box of chalupas and more tacos than you know you can eat on your own. The visit to the toilet won’t be as enjoyable as the process of eating the food drunk, but this’ll be one of those rare times you won’t regret ordering Taco Bell.

1.) McDonald’s:
There is no wrong time to get food with this 24-hour business, so while you try to contemplate all your life choices, head on over to McDonald’s and order a hundred chicken nuggets. Drench those bad boys in barbeque sauce and forget about all the responsibilities you have the following day, like puking up 100 chicken nuggets. 

You’re diving face first into that hangover that will make you regret your life decisions so make sure to treat yourselves with some terribly unhealthy foods.

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