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10 UCLA Halloween Costumes Only Bruins Will Get

Instead of studying for midterms, it’s time to go to extreme lengths for the most obscure UCLA Halloween costume only fellow Bruins can appreciate. These costumes take so much commitment, acting, and artistry that even your vomit will feel honored gracing your costume’s fabric come Halloween night. Honestly though, please just pick one of these so you spare the world from another political costume. Or God forbid a Vine-themed one. Thanks.

10.) Hendrick Lamar:
Casually hang out near Hedrick, then spontaneously put on an impromptu concert! Spit some bars while confused onlookers film you with their phones and suppress their laughter. You’ll definitely end up famous on UCLA’s Memes for Sick AF tweens page, but you might end up with a record deal. You can also get your friend to do “Rieber Bieber”—what a cute couple’s costume!

9.) Powell cat owner:
Put on a colorful windbreaker, a visor, and a frantic face while crying that you lost your cat years ago. Carry a broken leash and mumble incoherently around Powell.

8.) Bloody USC student:
Run around campus in Trojan gear covered in blood and bruises. Act like you’re being chased off campus by a rabid mob of angry Bruins. Hold a can of spray paint and scream, “F-UCLA!!” The blood and bruises will soon be authentic, so you’ll definitely score some points for realism in the costume contest!

7.) Gene the Meme:
Be a hot, sexy, walking meme daddy. 

6.) 5th year fraternity clown:
Adorn yourself with stained sweatpants, slides, and parental disappointment. Burst out the gutter and force passing students to listen to you reminisce the glory days. Then, lure them back into the gutter with the promise of free alcohol.

5.) Pre-med dead:
Become a ghost! For the first half of the day, be a pre-med student. For the second half, be a former pre-med student.

4.) Zombie Fat Sal:
Imitate Fat Sal’s customers by stumbling through campus zombie-style while gorging on sandwiches. Wear a chef’s costume and, instead of blood, squirt gravy all over your apron. Also, let out some aggressive groans. Make sure you get this shit sponsored because that is some sweet advertising.

3.) Hipster lost in South Campus:
Wear baggy overalls and rant about film and pop culture. Refuse to acknowledge the fact that you’re lost, and just pretend that the beat in your headphones led you to South Campus for a zodiac purpose. Roll your eyes and scoff at any engineering major who even looks your way.

2.) Murdered club recruiter:
Backstory (to help you get into character): a student became too fed up with your intrusive flyer waving on Bruin Walk and stabbed you to death with his protractor. For years now, you have disguised yourself as a normal student, so you can secretly haunt the grounds and slowly make the hill’s incline higher. Yes, it’s revenge; yes, that makes you evil. No physical costume needed for this one, just have a fucked-up childhood so you can properly emulate a wronged ghost’s sense of pent-up resentment.

1.) Streaker witch:
Streak and cackle freely like you do at every football game, but at the next one, add a Halloween twist—ride a broom! Cheap and funny with just the right amount of festive eroticism.

With one of these costumes, you’ll be sure to forget about any looming midterms until Nov. 1 rolls around. Then you’re in trouble. 

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