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10 UCLA Valentine’s Cards For That Bruin You Wanna Bang

Having trouble trying to tell that special Bruin your feelings? Well look no further! These 10 UCLA Valentine’s Day cards will guarantee you a nut this with that hot Bruin Valentine you’ve been eye-fucking all quarter.

10.) Give that puss some love:

9.) It seems like Powell isn’t the only place you’ll be spending time in tonight:

8.) Use your pass on her, you won’t regret it:

7.) Theta Delta Chill, anyone?:

6.) CSO’s thought they were slick:


5.) If you like it aggressive and offensive:

4.) Add a leash and you’re on your way to the next Fifty Shades movie:

3.) Can I eat it in the mornin’?:

2.) Midterm on Valentine’s Day? No problem ;):

1.) Birds may not operate after 8:01 p.m., but you sure do:


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