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10 Terrifying 2-Sentence UConn Horror Stories

It’s Halloween, Huskies. And if the wind isn’t enough to scare you away from class today, we’re here to lay down the real scary shit that goes on here. Take a shot if these things have (or haven’t) happened to you (yet).

10.) I can’t move, breathe, speak or hear and it’s so dark all the time. I don’t know why I took a class in Arjona.

9.) She still had five minutes to upload her paper to Blackboard. “Can not connect to UCONN-SECURE.”

8.) He picked up the phone, and a slithery voice whispered “seven days.” He wished the Bursar’s Office would stop calling him to collect for unpaid tickets.

7.) He managed to swim back to the surface of Mirror Lake. It’s surprising how fast ice reforms.

6.) The weed was starting to go into effect. But Blaze Pizza® was closed.

5.) The last place he remembered buying drinks was Ted’s. “Sorry, I’m not finding your card here,” the manager told him.

4.) I think I’ve finally gotten over my roommate’s death. I just wish someone would get him out of my Oaks apartment before he ruins the carpet.

3.) “That’s a great slutty homeless costume,” everyone on Fairfield Ave told her. She forgot it was halloween today.

2.) “I’m sorry,” said the Infirmary nurse. “you’re going to live.” 

1.)  A notification popped up, and she screamed. “The Black Sheep has posted to Buy and Sell.”

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