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5 UConn Halloween Costumes that Will Win You Every Costume Contest

Halloween is an important time for college kids living in Connecticut. Home to the famed paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, and the derelict amusement park Holy Land USA, we have a lot to live up to. To make sure you don’t spend the night wandering around aimlessly with all the other uninvited Eastern students, The Black Sheep has come up with costume ideas that should help you stand out.

5.) Evil Dictator Susan Herbst:
Anyone can pull this one off: simply put on a dress or throw on a wig (if you’re a guy) and dress up like the devil. To really get your message across, we suggest you wander around muttering gibberish about debt and other nonsense that you yourself do not understand. Then, when people are least expecting it, knock them over and steal their money. Don’t worry though, this is perfectly acceptable for those pretending to act like Susan, simply tell them that you are “investing in Connecticut’s future.”

4.) SoopDoop Guy from Dining Services:
If you don’t know who this guy is, then you need to get out and eat more. In order to impersonate this local legend, simply wear a gold chain and walk around yelling, “SoopDoop!” before or after you take a shot. By doing so, be rest assured that you’ll have a super duper time, and for one day, be as happy as he is.

3.) Mac n’ Cheese Kid Luke Gatti:
Gatti’s story is old news, but what he stands for is timeless. For this costume you need not dress up at all. Instead, get 100 percent shit faced and walk around acting like a complete asshole. To get your message across, we suggest you start fights with random strangers for no reason at all. When it’s all over, make up for being a dick by doing volunteer work only to get arrested soon after.

2.) Ray Allen or Maya Moore:
This costume is beneficial for two reasons: 1. You can pretend to be a baller (including one of the best in the world) and 2. You can walk around campus as a symbol of what this school produces. Use your new persona to cross up frat stars in line for the keg, and cross bitches up on the dance floor with your moves.

1.) Mental Patient from Mansfield Training Center:
We all know the terrifying stories about Mansfield Training Center, aka The Depot Campus. For this costume, simply go out as you would on the day of midterms, wearing a ragged t-shirt and sweatpants you discovered in the Lost-and-Found, The primary purpose of this costume is to scare away the Eastern Students, so make sure you tell them that a dank party is going down at The Knight hospital. Then, roll up in a wheelchair and scare the living shit out of them.

For those of you thinking about dressing up as “Netflix and chill,” we hope that you’ll seriously consider some of these ideas instead. By dressing up as any one of these people, you’ll prove that you’re not from Eastern AND that you’re here for some serious partying. All that’s left to do is use your semester’s spending money to buy as much liquor as possible and get properly wasted with your fellow Huskies.


They put actual crack in PSLs, right? Or is it something else?


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