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An Interview With Jeff, the Wally’s Guy

As many of you know, Wally’s Chicken Coop is easily the best restaurant on campus. They have fresh, delicious food that can and will put you into a food coma. We sat down with Jeff, the mastermind behind the operation, and asked him a few questions. These ranged from questions that made sense, like, you know, about his restaurant, to questions that lead us down a trail of 1980’s college debauchery. Sit back and enjoy.


The Black Sheep: What would you do if you won the lottery?
Jeff: We would hand the keys over to our manager Rose and let her have the store because she has done so much for us, and what would UConn be without Wally’s?  Then I would buy a huge yacht and travel from island to island.


TBS: Go to drink at a bar?
Jeff: Bud Light or Bud heavy. Usually Bud Light because I have to watch my calorie intake.


TBS: Personal favorite item on the Wally’s menu?
Jeff: Has to be the Tank, enough said.


TBS: Most ridiculous thing you’ve seen go down in the restaurant? 
Jeff: A drunk kid tried to pee inside the front door but that didn’t work in his favor. Let’s just say he ended up cleaning it up.


TBS: Do you have a Wally’s challenge of some sort? Like eat a huge sandwich in one sitting get it for free type deal? If not, you absolutely should.
Jeff: We had an eating challenge back in the day, in which a girl almost won. But haven’t had one since. You really think we should do it again?


TBS: So your puds are good… like really good. You put crack in ’em? C’mon you do right?
Jeff: There is no crack or any other drug in our puds, as some may think. However, they’re very addictive and contribute to the freshman 15.


TBS: Who is your NFL team? How many games do you think they’ll win this year?
Jeff: Proud to say I’m a huge Jets fan even though they haven’t won in years.  My guess is they’ll win 8 games this year.



TBS: Can you share a funny story from when you were our age?
Jeff: When we were in college we told our neighbors we were having a family party because we were graduating in a couple weeks. A “small family party” turned into 19 kegs and the whole school in our backyard. Yeah you heard me, 19, no BS. Let’s just say our neighbors weren’t too happy with us.


TBS: Tits or ass?
Jeff: Easy question, both.


TBS: Why should everyone read The Black Sheep?
Jeff: People should read The Black Sheep because it’s the best and funniest paper written on campus with some very insightful stories. Also the staff members are some of the best people around, except the campus manager, that kid sucks.

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