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The Black Sheep’s UCONNIC Music Festival Review: It Was Fine

Remember the biggest failure this university has given us? If your mind immediately went to the memory of standing out in the pouring rain waiting for Lil Uzi, we’re on the same page. But this year SUBOG promised they’d make up for all the pain and suffering that that betrayal put us through. So this festival style concert announcement definitely sent some Coachella vibes with multiple headliners and fancy lil’ wristbands.

At $65 to pre-order floor tix, we imagined the line up would be worth it, and for a while it was. Tory Lanez made us scream and Khalid is popular with his two songs. The student openers were of course three total studs so who could complain? But tragedy just HAD to strike and suddenly we were informed that Tory would not be serenading us with “Don’t” due to “family issues.” Then we were hit with PnB replacing Tory, the addition of Goldlink, and not to mention the whole ass festival outside, with food trucks and shit. So where does this 2018 UCONNIC festival land in the pantheon of UConn festivals? Let’s break it down a bit. 

PnB Rock:
Rumors swirled that PnB was a dub because he was performing for some cows somewhere in Amish country. According to the SUBOG itinerary he was meant to grace us with his presence at 7 on the dot. Considering Jus’ 30 minute set was extended something wild, it’s safe to say the man was not on time. But at least he didn’t pull an Uzi and actually got on stage, just 45 minutes late. He tried to turn up the crowd, bless his soul, but the peeps were just not responding. Until he played the “Unforgettable” remix. That shit was POPPIN’!

Gold Link:
Pulled an Uzi. We don’t speak of it. Didn’t wanna listen to Crew anyway, we ain’t a fan.


Paying to hear Khalid reminded us how young, dumb and broke we are. It is no one’s idea of a good night, besides the UConn community apparently. The minute this man came out looking fly in his blue sweatsuit, even the upper level sections got litty titty. At a smooth 20 years of age, Khalid had most of us in our feels over the bae we’ve never had and how much less successful we are and will ever be. It’s no wonder the bar was so full after, everyone had to drink the disappointment away.

(What the fuck is a) GrooveBoston:
If y’all left right after Khalid, you missed out. Grooveboston got Gampel jumping with their mixes. We won’t pretend we stayed the whole time, this wasn’t Ultra or anything, but after Khalid got us in our feels, it was nice to release any built up sadness over your bae who’s not actually your bae.

The “festival” wasn’t much to report, since spending more money for food trucks was not in the budget. But compared to the catastrophe that was last year’s spring concert, this was a big success. SUBOG, all we ask is that you stop making us wait so long for the performers every time there’s a concert, and get more people on the floor. That empty floor space was very off putting to see.

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