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The 5 Sexiest Costumes You Can Make With Things From The UConn Bookstore

Looking for costume ideas? Have you already scrolled through a thousand posts on Pinterest and Instagram and can’t seem to find the perfect costume? Halloween is coming up A$AP Rocky so we put together a list of DIY costumes including statement pieces from the one and only UConn Bookstore.

5.) The Hott with Two Ts STEM Professional:

The UConn bookstore has an endless supply of lab coats and goggles – those classic STEM major necessities. These essential lab accessories not only come in handy for your major and your 9 a.m. chemistry lab, but also come in clutch for looking hot AF this Halloween. Just put on a lab coat, unbutton some buttons, casually and seductively throw on some goggles, and you got an easy, DIY hot scientist costume. If you want to spice it up even more, you could combine this outfit with some fishnets or heels or bras you save for Nickel night. This will have your chem TA wildin. 


4.) A Big Wooded Baseball Player:

Grab a mini-bat from the UConn bookstore and you’ve basically got this costume in the bag. Strap it onto/over your genitalia for real shock-effect, or just wear some striped clothes if you’re a prude. You can loudly shout, “Home-run” and “Strike, you’re out!” at people during beer pong or flip cup, while swinging your bat recklessly in the air. The bat also makes a great accessory for batting away the hoes during Halloween season.


3.) A Ravenclaw:

The notorious Hoes of Hogwarts, grab a blue and gray striped UConn scarf from the bookstore, and all of your kinky magical Harry Potter costume dreams can come true! Instead of being a lame, goody-two-shoes Gryffindor, you can be a wise, elegant Ravenclaw! This is a super cozy DIY costume and will keep you warm while waiting outside for your Uber. Put on a blazer, a sweater, a skirt, some tights, and this scarf, and you can blend right in with the wizards of Hogwarts. You might even catch the attention of some wide-eyed muggles! But, alas, beware of Voldemort, aka Susan.

2.) Sexy T-Rex:


Did you know that the UConn bookstore now sells boxers and socks with animals on it? Put on these T-Rex boxers and nothing else, and you’ve got a truly unique DIY sexy T-Rex costume. Draw some teeth on your face and maybe dye your hair green for the full sexy T-Rex look. If you get your whole frat in on it, you could even be a pack of sexy T-Rex’s. Damn.

1.) Channing Tatum in Magic Mike:

Speaking of sexy, this DIY costume will have your fuck buddies think twice about ending their casual relationship with you and have potential new ones objectifying you from across the pong table. All you need is a pet bandana from the UConn Bookstore, a hat, some killer 6-pack abs, pole-dancing moves, and the sexual appeal of Channing Tatum, and you’re all set!

Halloween is right around the corner Huskies, and if you’re looking for not-so-cheap ideas for a DIY costume, the UConn bookstore is the place for you! With these costumes, you’ll be getting free candy and free drinks all night long. We wish you a sexy and spooky Halloweekend 😉

Speaking of spooky, listen to our GIRL POD!

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