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Hello and Welcome to The Black Sheep‘s Fuck It Friday: A day where we phone it in and post some low brow low effort highly clickable bullshit you might see well, let’s be honest, right back here on Monday. Listen, no one tries on Fridays. Hardly any seniors even have classes on Friday, and if you do, face it you’re still drunk (whoops!). So here’s some #content to #consume as we all watch the clock tick down to beer time. Enjoy, UConn majors as Vines:

We LovE BoOkS moRe ThAn SeX. The only reason this works is the simple fact that English majors have never had sex. Like real sex. Like, sloppy comm major sex where anything goes. Sorry, them’s the facts. 

They’re dumb. Like, math. Cool. Math major. I like math. 

The joke here is that he just says graph. The sad part is that 3 in 5 econ majors pretend to listen to Nickelback at pregames ironically, despite deep down, it’s as unironic as their [insert econ joke here, we told you this was going to be low effort, go fuck yourselves]. 

It’s okay to be emo.

Does dog Xanax work on humans? 

Clinicals got you all on your high horses thinking you know exactly what you’re doing. Then you become a post grad doctor and you realize you don’t know shit, and Ms. Keisha fucking dead on your watch. Bet you wish you were an English major now, huh?

Alternative vine: Two brooos, chillin’ in a hot tub, 5 feet apart ‘cuz they’re NOT gay!

Don’t be offended. It’s just a Vine. Before you go full Law and OrderThe Black Sheep does not condone child rapists but we do condone funny Vines so excuse us while we loop this for the 2 hours. 

Bubbles! Foam! Breaking Bad! Look, like your basic rom-com we all know chem isn’t all it’s amped up to be in movies. If we want to watch one fluid become a different color fluid we’ll come find you. And we’ll probably be high. 

Did you enjoy this? Did you giggle and send it to your shithead poli sci friends? Good. Now go follow us on Instagram. That’s the whole point of this post after all, dummy! 

Want more Vines? Play our VINE POWER HOUR:

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