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The New and Not So Sexy Homer B: A Review

“Damn, whose mans is this?” is the question every Husky has been asking as they make their way downtown to the new and improved, sexy Homer Babbidge. Did you know that the library got fricking jacked over the summer? Susan decided to give it an IKEA-esque makeover with new, inviting chairs, desks, tables, and a modern, not-dead-inside corporate layout. There is a sort of low key, seductive ambiance to the new Homer B, but the real question is if it is still possible to do all the things you used to do in the library i.e., nap like you’re dead, take shits in the bathroom on the floor (2016 1st floor women’s bathroom, never forget), or hook up on the 4th floor behind the bookshelves. Let’s take a look.

Spider chairs:

First are some of the sexy new chairs on the first floor and little study nooks, courtesy of the Babbidge Building Blog. The chairs are very black, and very goth, with spider-like backs. They are a solid 6/10 in terms of comfort, as the old couches and ratchet blue booths with coffee stains and haphazard springs sticking out used to provide a sense of danger and thrill to the library experience. Couples could violently cuddle and kick each other’s feet under the booths without fear of the UConn police, (who occasionally chill in the library for random Krispy Kreme fundraisers) kicking them out. However, the black chairs definitely represent the soulless atmosphere of the library during finals week, and will be seen in #takemesatan Instagram pictures soon.

Study n00ks: 

The study nooks force students to sit facing one another, a kind of intimate one on one, coffee shop date scenario, with limited desk and feet space. This is fostering a very confrontational setting in the library and could lead to many fights and arguments as to who is sitting where. The limited amount of desk space, and forced human interaction, could lead to unhappy Huskies and a Hunger Games-esque fight for seats. And most importantly, there is absolutely no way one could nap comfortably in any of these seats; and there goes the appeal of late night study dates with Homer B.

70s swag:


There are more chairs downstairs, (image courtesy of @uconnlibraries on Twitter) and these chairs seem very out of place and kinda ugly, TBH. With everyone showing up at the library with crispy chicken salads and Dunkin’, these chairs will be looking dirty and grunge pretty soon, if they’re not already.

Robot water fountains:


The definite plus are the new water fountains. Previously, at Homer B, the water fountains were highly erratic in their angle of water flow and pressure. Drinking water was like being hosed down; water literally shooting into your eye every time you pressed the button. Many water fountains did not work or were very scary to approach. The new automatic fountain, which automatically fills your water bottle for you, is hella nice.

So, Homer Babbidge is the new IKEA on campus, and is looking more like a freshman walking into the wrong lecture hall than ever. According to the Babbidge Building Blog, more furniture is yet to arrive (either from IKEA or an abandoned, 70s-clad grandma’s basement soon). At least the new revamped Bookworms Café has caramel macchiatos, right? We give the new Homer B a solid 6/10. It’s definitely not a daddy of the week or a freak in the sheets, but it gets the job done. 


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