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The 5 Easiest Classes At UConn

At this point in the semester you’ve battled through a lousy exam grade or two, gained 10-20 pounds (we’ll meet in the middle and call it 11), and Nickel has kicked your ass more times than you can count. Now it’s time to pick classes for the next semester, which wouldn’t be too bad if StudentAdmin wasn’t created by an MCC dropout who read a chapter of Web Design for Dummies and lives in his mom’s basement. While we can’t redesign StudentAdmin, The Black Sheep can certainly give you a list of the easiest classes at UConn to make the selection process suck just a little bit less.

5.) Geoscience 1050/51:
As you may or may not know this is often referred to as “rocks for jocks.” We won’t lie to you, geoscience is boring as shit, but hey, it’s also easy as shit. You literally study and memorize some rocks, a few fault lines, and visit Dinosaur State Park (fair warning, don’t get high and go, you’ll end up buying a $45 T-Rex poster in the gift shop). As an added bonus the TAs tend to be weirdos who may or may not have had sexual relations with a metamorphic rock, which provides some great unintentional comedy during lab.

4.) Women’s Studies 1124:
This class is pretty much what you think it would be: a few readings, standard exams, and hour long rants on why men are destroying society and should hand their balls over in a jar to a local feminist organization. If you can deal with the last part, it’s a guaranteed A with minimal effort. The final is a take home exam so gather up your mom, girlfriend and grandma and knock that women’s studies final out of the park. 

3.) HDFS 1060:
EXTRA CREDIT. That’s the name of the game in this human development and family studies course. Show up to class? Extra credit! Write down three things you learned in class? Extra credit! Show up to the Monday 8 a.m. class hungover as shit and sleep through a video on long distance relationships? Extra credit! 

2.) Linguistics 1010:
Ahh Linguistics 1010, a great mix of simple material, barely any reading, and Professor Van Der Hulst’s accent, which is reminiscent of the love child between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Charles Barkley. This class has straight forward exams and a low work load, so you’ll have plenty of free time to sit around blazing, eating mini donuts, and binge watching Arrested Development (The Black Sheep recommends doing all three at the same damn time).

1.) Communications 1000:
The granddaddy of them all, the single easiest full credit course at UConn. Let’s start of by seeing if you’re qualified to take this class. Can you read, and do you have the slightest inkling of common sense? You do? Fantastic, you just studied for your first Comm 1000 exam. This is a staple class for most majors, but if you had the misfortune of choosing engineering as a major and you’ve been at UConn so long that your children are enrolled at UConn now, this is the throwaway to pad that total credit transcript line. 

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