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6 Things You’re “Definitely” Going To Miss About UMass Over Break


Going home at the end of the semester is never easy, especially because you have to say goodbye to your overly involved RA and 8 a.m. lecture. If you’re as sad as we are, then you’re definitely going to miss these six things about UMass over winter break.


6.) The Friendly Campus Skateboarders:

These rebellious nomads help you stay sharp while you’re walking to class. Even if you’re about to walk into Machmer, some hooligan might pop a ‘gnarly’ shove-it into your shins. Their carefree attitude and blatant disregard for headphones is honestly refreshing. You can’t help but give a cheerful wave in their direction when they whiz by, blasting Eminem classics and Linkin Park almost classics.


5.) A Life of Sobriety and Wholesome Choices:

Many students report that they haven’t touched a drop of alcohol since the day they received their letter of acceptance from UMass. Southwest, the most tranquil living area on campus, is known for peaceful Friday nights. Students diligently study until their 9 p.m. bedtime, taking occasional Scrabble and hot cocoa breaks. You find it concerning that your parents have the shot glasses lined up as soon as you walk into your home, and you’re tired of lecturing them about dangers of hard liquor.


4.) Blue Wall Lunch Rush:

Lunchtime in Blue Wall is like Time Square on New Year’s Eve. As soon as you stand in line for The Grill, you immediately regret your decision, but you know it’s too late to turn back. Luckily, you use the hour wait to catch up on memes, contemplate the meaning of life, and finally apply to graduate school. Not to mention you’re really going to miss the Christmas music that’s been blasting non-stop for the past three weeks.


3.) Ample Parking Day and Night:

UMass parking is a land of opportunity and promise. Going back to your narrow driveway at home just won’t be the same, and you’re definitely going to miss your early morning sprints from lot 22. If you’re a true UMass student, you probably owe more money in parking fines than you owe for tuition, but at least the tickets make great page holders for your textbooks.


2.) The College Pet You Bought on a Whim That’s Definitely Dead Somewhere in Your Dorm:

Remember that time you and your friends went to Pet Co. on Rt. 9 and thought it would be a good idea to buy matching beta fishes? It was all fun and games for the first two weeks, until you realized you had absolutely no motivation to take care of a pet. Nevertheless, you managed to form a silent, yet intimate bond with your dead fish, and you’re really going to miss neglecting him during the next four weeks. Aww, he just looks so cute when he swims upside down.


1.) The Library Wind Tunnel

You know what they say: what happens in the wind tunnel, stays in the wind tunnel. Walking by Du Bois is like stepping into a completely different climate zone. The good part is that the rush of air makes you feel like you’re a model strutting down a concrete and brick-covered runway. Not to mention, there’s no better way to get out of a conversation, than to let a small tornado carry your lab partner’s bullshit far away from you.

Even though UMass has its faults, we know we will be counting down the days until winter break ends. We’ll miss you UMass, see ya on the other side!

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