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Abroad in Amherst: 5 Life-Changing Destinations on Campus


It’s second semester and all of your friends have left campus to get drunk in Europe for three months. If you’re experiencing post-abroad blues, or your bank account prevented you from traveling overseas yourself, be sure to visit these five incredible “Abroad in Amherst” destinations.


5.) Eiffel Tower: Magnificent DuBois:


If you tilt your iPhone correctly and the sun catches the library just right, DuBois is the spitting image of the Eiffel Tower. In order to immerse yourself in French culture, stuff several delicious pastries from Yum Bakery into your designer Chanel scarf. Heavily chain-smoke outside of the gorgeous landmark to demonstrate your expertise in cultural immersion.

4.) Barcelona Stadium (Camp Nou): Intramural Fields:

barcelona edit

Camp Nou guarantees copious amounts of drinking, cheering fans and a rush of excitement when the crowd erupts into unfamiliar chanting. The intramural fields won’t give you the exact same thrill, but it’s definitely a close second. Due to the freezing temperatures, you won’t see many teams playing during the winter. However, every few hours a snow-plow or lost student might stumble across the desolate turf. Grab a lawn chair, recruit a friend and get ready for non-stop action.

3.) Stonehenge: UMass Sunwheel:

stone henge

The sunwheel sitting on the outskirts of campus practically screams adventure. Rumor has it that there is a dormant volcano in Amherst, lying deep beneath the jagged rocks. While Stonehenge has fascinated archaeologists for years, the UMass Sunwheel has fascinated students for centuries, leaving many to wonder why our tuition money is going to random shit like this.

2.) African Safari: Durfee Conservatory:


Feast your eyes on the exotic plant life residing in the campus greenhouse. Dress completely in camouflage to prevent wild animals (or angry conservation majors) from attacking you in the dense jungle. Make sure to take 500+ pictures for your Facebook album because people love to see excessive photographs of trees and blurry landscapes.

1.) John Lennon Wall: Central Wall:

Lennon wall

Prague is home to the John Lennon Wall, a popular photo spot for girls hoping to impress their Instagram followers. Luckily, hundreds of starving artists continue to paint the Central Wall, ensuring the concrete is covered with innovative designs. If you want to create the illusion that you’re actually living in Europe, walk around campus with the Czech flag draped elegantly over your shoulders.

Don’t miss out on the fun of studying abroad and don’t waste money going places just for the Instagram pic. Amherst is home to things that are, eh, pretty cool too.


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