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Curt Schilling’s SO Busy He Had Time to @ Me on Facebook


Red Sox legend and potential 2018 Senate hopeful Curt Schilling will always be remembered for his gutsy performance in Game 6 of the 2004 ALCS. Curt and his bloody sock will have a place in Boston folklore forever. Nowadays, people look at Curt and see a Breitbart radio host spewing hate and denying humans are drastically affecting the climate over the airwaves. He also is a professional internet troll and responds to virtually every other internet troll that disagrees with him for fun. This week, I, Dan Rafuse, was lucky enough to be trolled by Curt. Seriously.


Curt was really going off about climate change on Facebook. He was posting screenshots of articles from the 1900s that predicted major climate disasters as evidence that the full brunt of climate change was never coming (kinda like how Jesus is supposed to come back but hasn’t yet). It was obvious that he was asking to be trolled, so I hooked my bait and cast my line.



Here, we see one of the most important Red Sox players in team history prove his insecurities about his own opinions by proving to a fellow troll that he is right and I am wrong. Unfortunately, he also revealed to Red Sox fans everywhere that science better serves as a guideline than a rule. As long we take care of Mother Earth, it’s perfectly okay to keep on destroying it.


For Curt Schilling, sarcasm is difficult to pick up on through a computer screen and the planet’s climate is just fine. Schilling for Senator!

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