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Eduroam Announces Scheduled Maintenance to ‘Fix’ its WiFi Problems

Outrage is beginning to flow around campus as Eduroam representatives recently announced that they will be scheduling maintenance on the much-maligned WiFi services from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. this Thursday.

The statement read, “In order to deal with the growing number of complaints with our services we are shutting it off. Let’s see how you Minuteman can do without it. You need us!”

Many people who are upset with the services felt that this approach may not be the proper way to fix this issue.

Junior Liam Connor was visibly enraged when asked to comment on the matter. “This is so ridiculous. I just wanted to play one fucking game of the new Call of Duty without it lagging a shitload. Now I can’t play at all!” He paused, took a sip of Mountain Dew, and proceeded to say “And it’s double XP day!”

The gamer community has certainly voiced their opinions on the WiFi’s shortcomings in the past, but the outrage seems to be reaching a boiling point. Gamers, however, are not the only ones upset with the IT services and there have been reports that the nerds are also revolting.

Isenberg student Donovan DeLight said, “I have so much work to do; this can’t be real. I have 3 exams, 2 quizzes, and 14 papers to write in the next week! This decision clearly wasn’t made with consideration to students taking 26 credits!” DeLight then stormed away as papers fluttered out of his rolling backpack.

The issues with WiFi spread long and vast across campus, but not everyone thinks that the newest development is problematic.

“I thought Eduroam has been down for years,” said Stockbridge student, Willie Burrell. “I haven’t connected to that shit in years; I just thought we were moving to a WiFi-free campus for some sustainable initiative. Whatever, I guess I can finally catch up on Game of Thrones now.”

Unfortunately for all, any internet related needs will be officially down for quite a substantial amount of time. However, that may not be as different from any other day as one would think.

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