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7 Reasons We’re Pretty Sure the Final Season of Game of Thrones Will be Filmed at UMass


Due to massive Hollywood budget cuts, the final season of Game of Thrones will probably be filmed at UMass Amherst. The season is sure to be packed with action, nudity, and very unexpected plot twists. For those that cant wait until 2018, The Black Sheep has provided some sneak-peaks on whats to come.

7.) Humans vs. Zombies Players Will be Trained as the Night’s Watch: 


There is no question that Humans vs. Zombies players are naturals in the battle field. Equipped with nerf guns and minimal sexual experience, these students are more than happy to join the Nights Watch. In preparation for their role, the group will take on the new name, Humans vs. Whitewalkers

6.) The Hasbrouck Fence Stands in For The Wall:

Similar to The Wall, the Hasbrouck fence is nearly impenetrable. Even massive student rallies couldn’t tear the fence down. The chain-link design allows the Nights Watch to see and hear everything, as well as the ability to rattle the fence menacingly when enemies get too close.

5.) Subbaswamy Could Play Jon Snow:

Subaswammy is the fearless leader every kingdom deserves. He is often seen walking around campus sporting heavy fur coats while wearing a brooding, yet seductive expression across his face. Brave, cunning, and extraordinarily handsome, Subbaswamy was a shoe-in for the role,explained George R.R. Martin.

4.) Hampshire College students cast as the Wildlings: 

Hampshire students are a rare breed of humans that dont like to associate with the normal Amherst population, making them a fantastic fit for the Wildlings. Whenever they manage to stumble onto UMass grounds, the students look lost, stoned, or ready to angrily participate in the nearest protest.

3.) Sam the Minuteman Will play a White Walker:

Sam the Minuteman is always lurking in the shadows, waiting to suck the life out of innocent civilians. Silent but deadly, he perfectly embodies the persona of a White Walker, especially once producers learned that the mascot has never aged a day in his life.

2.) John Conway aka Godway is Cast as Khaleesi:

Someone stole John Conways Dragons. Thats uh-oh. When producers approached the rap superstar, he immediately accepted the offer, refusing to take off Khaleesis blonde wig for weeks. Later, Conaway burst into tears once he realized that he wouldn’t be able to ride a real dragonwhile filming.

1.) The Iron Throne will be positioned in the DJ booth of Monkey Bar:

No one is more worthy than the DJ at Monkey Bar to sit in a throne that rules seven kingdoms.  The owner of Monkey Bar enthusiastically agreed to the installment, hoping to improve business at the club. Promoters have already sent out several Facebook invites for themed events incorporating the Iron Throne.

If rumors about Subbaswamy playing Jon Snow aren’t enough to convince of this likelihood, then you clearly haven’t been watching Game of Thrones closely enough. 


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