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5 of the Best Spots to Stuff Your Face on North Pleasant Street


Every now and then, students decide they need a break from UMass Dining and begin the search for off-campus food. Whether you’re looking to spice up your diet, experiencing severe munchies, or trying to find a good pre-game spot, The Black Sheep has you covered for the best spots to stuff your face on North Pleasant Street.

5.) Panda East:

Most people don’t go to Panda for the food, but you would be surprised what tastes good after taking a Scorpion Bowl to the face. Panda East is known for their authentic décor—beautiful murals covering the walls, stalks of towering bamboo, and elegant carpeting that has you questioning the cleanliness of the restaurant. It’s definitely a cheap option, but if you dine with a big party, be prepared to pay at least $20 more than the cost of your meal because there’s always one drunk asshole that forgets to pay.

4.) La Veracruzana:

If Panda East is too much of a has-been restaurant to you, say no more fam. La Veracruzana is the new A-list spot for cheap drinks and delicious Mexican food. Whatever the waiters are putting in the $5 margaritas, it’s working a little too well for us. Only downside is that the restaurant is roughly the same size as your freshman year dorm, but the free salsa bar makes it well worth the wait.

3.) Glazed Doughnut Shop:

Glazed is the perfect option if you’re a little too broke to afford cocaine but need your fix of sugar. You can sample a wide array of delectable flavors, but in true Western Mass fashion, the shop has created a doughnut that it gluten-free, vegan, antioxidant infused, and grass-fed all in one beautiful little pastry. The food is cheap, delicious, and makes for a great Insta if you have nothing of actual substance to post on social media.

2.) Bistro 63:

Bistro 63 is the best of both worlds. At 8 p.m. you’re enjoying a classy meal in the company of friends and loved ones, and by 10 p.m. you’re taking your clothes off in Monkey Bar’s back room. Expect this meal to be a little pricier than a few dishes at Panda East, but the presentation will definitely impress a date. Not to mention you get to skip the god-awful Monkey line if you drag out the meal long enough.

1.) Antonio’s:

If you want the true Antonio’s experience, eat at this magnificent pizza palace after midnight on the weekend. Standing to your left will be a girl crying about her cracked iPhone, and on your right will be a couple passionately kissing against the wall. Don’t worry about these trivial distractions, just keep your eye on the prize. Most of the time, you’ll have no idea exactly what toppings to get, so our best advice is to order several entire pies. Your bank account with thank you later.

If you’re drunk and hungry, look no further than North Pleasant. They have more than enough options to keep you and your drunk alter-ego satisfied. 

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