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Local UMass SoundCloud Rapper Is Like, Actually About to Blow Up

In Southwest’s Cance Hall, neighbors of an up-and-coming student rapper can hear the bass pounding through their walls as he works on his new project. His name is Yung Piff, also known as OG Clout Daddy or by his birth name, Tyler Goldberg. According to his fans, he’s up next in the music scene.

“Piff [Goldberg] is on a crazy wave right now that nobody can even touch,” said Henry Breyer, who attended the same Massachusetts private school as Yung Piff. “Every track he puts out, the UMass kids lose their minds. He’s about to blow.”

Yung Piff’s discography consists mostly of his debut mixtape, “Dabs in DuBois,” a 20-track project produced entirely through GarageBand. The tape features song titles like “I Got All the Weed” and “Rolex Booty”. Residents of Southwest may have been able to get a free copy of Piff’s tape when he handed out hundreds of them at the front doors of Berk. University police eventually confiscated the remaining supply of mixtapes after receiving complaints.

“The feds know what kind of shit they’re dealing with, know what I’m saying?” said Yung Piff when asked about the incident. “I’m rapping about true revolution, anarchy, doing bad shit you get me?”

University police did not comment on the seizure of mixtapes, but one officer indicated that he did listen to some of it.

“As a cop, I really didn’t like the song ‘Fuck All of UMPD,’ but the rest of it was fire,” said Officer Mark Jacoby. 

Some students are aware of Yung Piff, but to most, his reputation as an Uber thief precedes him.

“Tyler Goldberg? Yeah he’s a terrible person,” said Marisa Castano, one of Goldberg’s floormates from freshman year. “He will literally wait outside of a party for other people’s Ubers, and then just hop in and take them. Also, he sells the most bummy weed I’ve ever smoked.”


The track list for the new mixtape “E-Piffeny” includes titles like “Xan the Minuteman,” “Blunted in the Blue Wall,” and “Baby Berk Road Dome.”

Yung Piff will be hosting a release party in a common room on the 3rd floor of Cance. While residence staff highly doubt the turnout will exceed ten people, the House Council has agreed to provide one large pizza and a 2-liter bottle of Sprite for the event. According to Yung Piff, tickets are $20 each, but it’s still just the common room, so, yeah.

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