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In Memoriam of the Greatest Jackets Lost at UMass Parties in 2018 So Far

The UMass community has been burdened with the loss of some super rad leather jackets, some stars of fashion and outerwear, and one larger-than-life denim jacket in 2018 alone. Join us, as we take a look back at some of the jackets that have been with us through it all, but have unfortunately moved on to the eternal jacket pile in the party upstairs. They may be gone, but they will NEVER be forgotten.

Noah C.’s Acid Wash Jean Jacket, Class of 2018

Lost on February 6, 2018:

Noah’s jean jacket was tragically lost at the Spoke on February 6, 2018. Noah remembers his coat as “snug-fitting, but in a good way that accentuated [his] biceps.” The two had many fond memories between them, including the time the acid wash jean jacket accompanied Noah on to victory at a beer olympics event his sophomore year.

Britney L.’s Black North Face Jacket with Pink Zippers, Class of 2019

Date Lost: March 10, 2018:

Britney lost her jacket at PIKE, where she had placed it behind a vending machine “because it’s a secret spot that no one looks at.” She loved how the pink zippers contrasted the black coat and matched almost everything she owned. She will forever remember wearing the coat the night she had her first hookup in Southwest her freshman year.

Sarah B.’s Hood of Her Puffy Black Winter Coat, Class of 2018

Date Lost: January 20, 2018:

In a devastating incident following her return to campus for the semester on January 20, Sarah B. lost the hood of her coat. Not the actual coat. The black hood with brown fur was lost at the Monkey Bar coat check. Sarah is happy to still have her coat but will deeply miss the faux-fur hood because “it looked real, kept [her] really warm, and wouldn’t mess up her hair when it was on.”

Rose P.’s Blue Michael Kors Jacket, Class of 2020

Date Lost: February 16, 2018:


On the night of the incident, Rose’s friends convinced her to go out to a house party on Fearing Street even though she “was tired and didn’t want to.” To make the loss tougher, her fake ID and keys were in one of the pockets, though she has forgotten which. 

Michael L.’s Grey Nike Winter Jacket, Class of 2021

Date Lost: March 1, 2018:

Michael sadly lost his favorite jacket this past weekend while attending a party on North Pleasant Street. Making matters worse, he had been holding his girlfriend’s concealer and perfume in the left pocket. Michael fears the repercussions from his girlfriend, and therefore is hoping “she’ll forgive him for an honest mistake and remember all of the good times they’ve shared.”

Rachel N.’s Friend Visiting from UConn’s Tan Zara Jacket, Class of 2019

Date Lost: February 3, 2018:

In a Groundhog’s Day disaster, Rachel N.’s friend visiting from UConn had her jacket stolen from a party at the Theta Chi fraternity house. Making it even more difficult, Rachel N.’s friend is said to have also lost her house keys in the accident. This was the first time Rachel N.’s friend visited UMass and attended a party, and will most likely be her last.

Patrick R.’s Olive Green Bomber Jacket, Class of 2018

Date Lost: January 4, 2018:

Patrick lost his olive green bomber jacket in a devastating accident on the day of Blarney Blowout, January 4, 2018. The destination of the accident is unknown due to extreme intoxication of its owner. Patrick’s UCard, wallet, and Ray Ban sunglasses were in the pockets of his coat and he’s hoping his “parents will cover some of the costs to replace everything because [he’s] so broke from buying people drinks when [he] blacks out.”

Jillian W.’s Brown Eddie Bauer Jacket, Class of 2020

Date Lost: February 25, 2018:

Jillian’s jacket was stolen from a house party on Main Street, along with her car keys and portable charger/adapter. The jacket carries a lot of “sentimental value,” as it was her grandfather’s coat that he wore every day when he backpacked across the United States. The coat had white paint splattered in the shape of a cat on the sleeve, which was “always a great conversation starter at parties.”

Many more coats have been lost, so far this year, but these rose above the rest and will be memorialized within our hearts and minds forever. As a wise UMass Alum once said, “do not let the fear of losing your coat, stop you from partying on.”

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