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NCAA to Revoke Marcus Camby’s Degree Due to Outstanding Parking Ticket


Marcus Camby, who after 21 years was set to graduate this May, has yet again found himself in hot water. On Wednesday it was announced that the NCAA plans to revoke his degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst due to a single unpaid parking ticket.

“The parking passes on this campus are ridiculously overpriced,” Camby stated. “I cannot be asked to buy a pass and encourage the university to continue pricing out college students from accessible campus parking. I did this for the students.”

UMass campus parking has long been an issue and Camby tried to test the system by parking in the Rec Center lot — when it was clear that he would not be spending time at the Rec Center.

UMass student Donte Clark was a witness to the crime. “I saw Marcus get out of the car, but the whole situation looked a little fishy. His bag was clearly not a gym bag, and I could tell he was going to class. When I went over and saw that he didn’t have the correct pass to park in that lot, I had to give the NCAA a ring.”

The NCAA was quick to take action after the call. While Camby may have been trying to put his past scandals behind him, NCAA CEO Mark Emmert made sure that they would continue to challenge the esteemed basketball icon.

“As a past offender, we have been intently watching Marcus since he decided to return to college,” Emmert said. “Obviously we want him to succeed and get his degree, but this parking pass incident is a difficult thing to look past. He’s cheated the poor people at UMass once, we cannot let him do it again.”

It’s unclear at this point what it will take for Marcus to finally get his degree but as long as the NCAA is around, his chances look bleak.

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