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How To Spook People Studying in Du Bois

The month of October is essentially 31 amazing days of Halloween. There’s pumpkin spiced everything, haunted houses and corn mazes are ubiquitous. But best of all, it’s the one time of year when you can be a total weirdo and no one’s allowed to judge you. You can scare your friends, or even total strangers, and they can’t get mad or else they’re lame and not in the Halloween spirit. The best place to do so on campus? The library, obviously. Where else are there more than 20 floors filled with people quietly studying? *sinister laugh*

4.) Hide under the desks:
The first and most obvious way to be creepy is to hide under the computer stations in the basement and tickle people’s ankles. They’ll think it’s a bug the first few times, and brush it off. Upon finally discovering you under the desk in a creepy mask, they’ll most likely be scarred for life and develop an irrational fear of sitting at a desk. Perfect.

3.) Find some dusty bookshelves:
Next, go to your favorite quiet floor of the library, and disguise yourself amongst the rows of bookshelves. If you have a voice changer or one of those Chewbacca masks, use it to repeatedly emit the creepiest laugh you can muster. Make sure to switch to a different area every once in awhile, so no one catches you and calls security.

2.) Whisper in people’s ears:
Tone is really important with this one, so make sure to master your most bone-chilling whisper before attempting. Find someone without headphones in who appears engrossed in their essay or book, slowly sneak up behind them and whisper, “what are you working on?” with a toothy smile on your face. You may risk getting punched in the face, but imagine how sick a black eye would look for your costume.

1.) Pass out yummy treats:
Everyone loves homemade candy, so spend a couple hours dipping baby tomatoes and brussel sprouts into chocolate, and pass them out to people outside the Procrastination Station. They’ll thank you for the healthy snack, and you can give yourself a pat on the back for being so wholesome. They’ll think they’re receiving a little treat for studying so hard,, but boy will they be wrong. Talk about a trick!

There’s only a few days left of the Halloween season, so be sure to capitalize on this time by spooking as many people as you can. But whatever you do, just make sure you don’t go as far as this guy.

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