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UMass Amherst to Unveil Monument to Commemorate the Hundreds of UCards Lost Each Year


The Chancellors Office, in conjunction with the UMass Amherst UCard Office, announced this past week that they will unveil a monument near the campus pond to commemorate all of the student UCards that have been previously lost.

Not much has been revealed about the appearance of the monument, but it has been suggested that it will be in the shape of a UCard, displaying the face of UMass Amherst’s mascot, Sam the Minuteman.

“I’ve been interviewing students to add personal details to the monument, said junior art history major, Marybeth Chase, who is set to design the monument. “I’ve found that many UCards have been lost in careless accidents, some due to students being inebriated, some due to theft, and some were simply left behind by their owner,” Chase claimed. 

Over the 2016-2017 academic year a small portion of every $25 UCard replacement fee has been set aside to curate the new monument. Many students either have lost their own UCards, or have known someone affected by a loss. The goal of this monument is to celebrate the memory of the UCards no longer in service.

Senior Sean Cantor got a bit emotional when discussing his lost ID, but he’s glad to finally see what his replacement fee going towards. “It was a hard loss to grapple with, but seeing a manifestation of everyone else’s fuck ups is pretty comforting,” said Cantor. “I’m pretty excited.”

UMass administrators involved, like UCard Office Manager, Rhonda Adams, hope this monument will bring awareness to this issue, and inspire students to be less careless with their belongings. 

The unveiling ceremony is set to take place on the last day of finals week. There will be student performances, speeches, and a candle lighting vigil. Chancellor Subbaswamy hopes students will come and interact with the monument and celebrate the memory of all the lost UCards.

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