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What 1 Sober Hour at UNCC’S “Karaoke Live” Is Really Like

“Karoake Live? What the f**k is that?” You’re probably asking yourself right now, in addition to, “When is karaoke not live?” As an event that keeps coming back year after year into CAB’s line-up of activities and has the balls to be scheduled on a Friday night at 7 p.m., we had to see for ourselves what keeps the UNCC kids so entertained. We spent 1 (dead sober) hour at Karaoke Live in Norm’s at the Student Union this past Friday, and needless to say, we weren’t disappointed. 

7:00p.m.: The opening crowd is sparse. The pool tables are lit with freshmen who have nothing better to do on a Friday night. 

7:04p.m.: CAB makes the the first call for participants. Nobody makes a move. 

7:14p.m.: The DJ is looking pretty underwhelmed at the moment as he makes his second announcement that he’s actually taking requests. No response again.




7:20p.m.: The DJ has resorted to pacing and readjusting his hat. We didn’t think this was how we’d spend our Friday night either, buddy.

7:23p.m.: CAB staff called in as reinforcement.


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7:28p.m.: A CAB staffer and friend halfheartedly sing “Call Me Maybe” to kick things off. It’s clear that neither of them know the tune, despite the lyrics being in front of them.

7:31p.m.: With their song finished, we’ve resorted to the CAB staff lip syncing and making intense, desperate eye contact with the audience.

7:34p.m.: Our attention is drawn to a happy couple in front of us, where one girl is arguing that her boyfriend will sing with her. She runs to the DJ as soon as the boyfriend hesitantly nods in agreement to a duet. 

7:34p.m.: The first non-CAB student proudly takes the stage. The DJ seems pleased with himself.

7:35p.m.: The student chose Adele’s “Hello.” Despite the crowd, Norm’s goes silent. 

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7:36p.m.: The crowd has recovered and is feeling him; phones are in the air.

7:37p.m.: Despite the enticing performance, the couple is back to arguing and the girlfriend is (only half-jokingly) threatening to sing by herself. “It’s fine!” She asserts. We can’t see the boyfriend’s face, but we assume it’s sweet, sweet relief.

7:38p.m.: Student finishes “Hello” and returns to his seat like nothing happened. We can respect that.

7:40p.m.: The girlfriend has confidently taken the stage for her solo performance.

7:41p.m.: Turns out that she chose the perfect passive aggressive song to sing directly to her boyfriend: Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats.”

7:42p.m.: Three students come into play pool (despite having already paid for their rack in Outtakes), see that it’s Karaoke night, and promptly turn around to leave.

7:44p.m.: She finishes, hops off the stage, and receives an awkward high five from her boyfriend. 

7:48p.m.: Two brave souls take on the duet of “No Air.”  We’re questioning why we ever attended concerts when there’s so much free artistry in karaoke at campus events.

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7:50p.m.: CAB’s staff is back to singing to avoid the gaps of student participants. Joy.

7:55p.m.: More people have made their way in and linger around the book of karaoke song choices, seemingly inspired by CAB’s annoying relentless enthusiasm.

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7:56p.m.: The DJ goes back to playing whatever he wants. Girls in the loft of Norm’s (a sight we never thought we’d see) seem to approve.

8:00p.m.: I had to beg the writing staff to leave and enjoy their Friday nights elsewhere in spite of the ridiculous amount of fun they were having. Well done as usual, CAB, well done.

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