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49 Challenges for Your UNCC Bucket List

We’ve compiled 49 challenges that you must do for your UNCC Bucket List! If you’re graduating this May, you’re probably thinking, “There’s no way I can get all of these done!” But with the right amount of dedication, hard work, time traveling, abandoning all other responsibilities, and getting no sleep, you can totally do all of these in less than a month!

49.) Eat at every dining location on campus:

Previously titled, “Get severe diarrhea and other digestion problems from eating at Crown and SoVi.”

48.) Visit every building on campus:

Seriously, we’ve never even ventured to the other side of campus… we need to know what’s in EPIC. What kick-ass amenities are they giving the engineers? 

47.) Pet a UNCC goose:

We cannot guarantee your life.

46.) Sprint up the stairs to by SAC:

Extra points if you play the Rocky theme song.

45.) Make fun of the freshmen wearing lanyards:

You’ve probably been doing this since sophomore year. It’s a rite of passage. 

44.) Become one with the Self-Made Man Statue:




Drop to your knees and cry before your final exam. It’ll either bring you good luck or  looks of pity. 

43.) Attend an athletic event:

Please go to at least one, our game turn-out is so sad. Maybe even go to a women team’s game? Is that asking too much? 


42.) Pull an all nighter in Atkins:

Break out the comfy clothes, down some Peet’s coffee, and choose the floor of your choice.


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41.) Chill in the community garden:

You probably didn’t find out about this garden until just now (unless you’re the 2% in architecture or visual arts), but it’s not too late! The giant hammocks are calling you!

40.) Explore the gardens:

Extra point if you pay respects to Bonnie Cone’s grave.

39.) Home at least 30 inchworms on you at one time:

Nothing says UNCC like our infestation of inchworms.

38.) Ride the party bus to Label!:

Get wasted and save money on that Uber.

37.) Go to a concert at PNC:

We are barely a mile from PNC Music Pavilion. If you didn’t go to at least one concert, you’re not going to graduate due to our immense disappointment in you. Okay, okay, fair enough; we’ll let it count if you left your dorm room/apartment windows open and overheard a concert.

36.) Selfie with Norm:




‘nuff said.

35.) Climb the rock wall in SAC:

No excuse, it’s free the first time once you sign your life over!

34.) Play the piano in the Union, poorly:

Show everyone who took lessons from 5th-8th grade and has slowly lost any and all musical talent since then! Then refuse to stop playing. 

33.) Bum a swipe into Crown Commons:

For old times sake!

32.) Visit the Belk Tower:

Muahaha, you will never complete our bucket list now!

31.) Fight someone for a t-shirt at a football game:

We’re probably not winning, you might as well entertain yourself somehow.

30.) Knock on Chancellor Dubois’s door:

It’s so close… so proper and nice… it’s asking for a ding-dong-ditch.

29.) Defy all odds, and actually stay on campus for one weekend:

It’s fun (we’ve heard)! Give it a try (or don’t)! 

28.) Whisper secret messages to your friends in the Star Quad over by Atkins and SAC:


Atkins plaza-full


27.) Hold up your pick-axes at a UNCC basketball game.

They’re not weapons, they’re props!

26.) Be on the Snapchat campus story:

Naughty_Norms has got you.

25.) Interrupt a campus tour:

Knock their cups out of their hands in Crown.

24.) End up at Cook Out after a long night out:

You’ve done this 1,000 times already, just do it once more. 

23.) Go on a week long bender: Mondays at Flying Saucer’s for pint night!:


Photo Bin - December 2014-2


Extra point if you get a pic with Lauren, one of our bartenders of the week, or get your name on a ring of honor for tasting 200 beers!

22.) Club Life Tuesdays at Whisky River!

21.) Level Wednesdays at Suite!


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20.) Label-Me Thursdays!

19.) Food Truck Fridays!

Charlotte Photographer – Patrick


18.) Bar Charlotte Saturdays!

Ride the bull and experience the ratchet-ness at least once. You’ll probably regret it, but you’re not a true Niner until you’ve survived.

17.) Sunday…:




It’s the Lord’s day you heathens, take a rest. Go get some coffee and a pastry at Amelie’s, they’re open 24/7!

16.) Break into your first year dorm and see who’s keeping your old bed warm:

Extra challenging if your building/high rise has been renovated. (Shout out to Sanford 202, I’m coming for you.)

15.) Learn the UNCC fight song:

Because no one else will.

14.) Walk from one side of campus to the other without being out of breath:

We’re not even sure if this is possible.

13.) Take safe ride’s full route around campus for funsies:

May or may not be a huge waste of time, but at least you can say you did it!

12.) Get a snow cone at Pelican’s!:




11.) Take a nap on campus:

Pods got you.

10.) Watch a movie at the campus theater!:

Just some good ol’ fashioned sober fun!

9.) Play the old arcade system in Cone:

It’s near the piano and Candy Shop—battle someone on Pacman.

8.) Find the secret tunnel between CHHS and COED:

It’s there, you know it’s there. Somewhere…

7.) Steal a full set of cutlery and dishes from the dining halls:

You can return them at the end of the semester if you feel real bad.

6.) Take a dip in the ponds:

Not recommended, but it’s been done.

5.) Get a parking ticket:

Likely the easiest one on this list. We see you, PATs.

4.) Engage in an argument with or be denounced by Preacher Gary:

No, Preacher Gary, we’re not lesbians because we have short hair. No, Preacher Gary, we’re not going to hell for wearing shorts.

3.) Write a better article than the Niner Times:

Anything you can do, we can do betteeeeer. (p.s. jokes, we love you, fam)

2.) Thank a construction worker for all the 8 a.m.s they woke you up for:

Even the weekend ones. 

1.) Graduate!

We know you want to stay forever, but we gotta let you go.

How many have you done? Tweet us your accomplishments @BlackSheep_UNCC!

Know anyone at one of these schools? Refer a friend for a marketing job, get $100 if they’re hired!



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