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UNCC’s Bartender of the Week: The Flying Saucer’s Kelsey

Name: Kelsey
Bar: The Flying Saucer
Relationship Status: Single
Major: Marketing
Favorite Drink: Southern Key Pumpking
Favorite Shot: Tequila
Disgusting Drink: Six Point Tesla


What mixed drink best masks the taste of shitty plastic jug vodka?:

Buttery Nipple


What would you say to a freshman in The Flying Saucer?

Study your beers. And go to class. And study your beers during class.


What’s the best way to sneak liquor past your RA?:

Put it in a water bottle!


When was the last time you find yourself at a dorm at UNCC?



5 simple words to make any freshman cry:

You are on academic suspension.


How should a freshman hit on you if they’re interested…sexually?:

Buy me a drink.


What’s the most freshman thing you did as a freshman?

Played beer pong with Four Loko.


Why should people read The Black Sheep?:

It involves alcohol, so why not?



Ever wonder if joining a sorority is like joining the Army? Wonder no more! 

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