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How To: Be The Ultimate 49er Fan


As a 49er, you’re well aware that our team really isn’t all that and a bag of chips — but that shouldn’t stop you from being the best moral support possible! Many people are unaware of what it actually takes to be a football fan. With our advice, our team just may be able to finally reach our goal of scoring a touchdown!


Go to games:
Usually being a fan means going to games, but at UNCC what it really means is going to games (if you’re not too wasted from tailgating at 9 a.m.) and being a general nuisance to everyone around you. If you’re not consistently screaming at the top of your lungs just a few inches away from the ear of the gentleman in front of you for the entire game, then we’re sorry to say you’re not a true fan. You’ll know you’re really supporting the team when everyone around you either wants to tell you to shut up, move seats, or even better, just straight up deck you in the face.


Be a good sport:
At this school, our policy is good sportsmanship. You might think that means never verbally assaulting the other team with harmful words. But in actuality, it really means making ambiguous signs that, while meant to be derogatory, can easily be proven otherwise with some clever word choice (for example: Southern Miss hates puppies!). Joking aside, our school is very adept as showing good sportsmanship toward visiting teams. We’re so good at it in fact that we have no quarrels about rooting for the other team, should they bring their marching band and completely upstage our own.


Please don’t leave:
If there’s one thing consistent about each and every game, it’s the high probability of us losing. Most folks leave after halftime, being that the marching band’s performance is the only varying event at the game. We don’t blame you in the slightest. It’s a pretty safe bet that even the marching band, the Gold Dusters and the cheerleaders would leave as well if they weren’t obligated to stay the entire time. But even the inevitable thirty point disadvantage in the fourth quarter doesn’t stop that one guy in student section from sitting there to the very end, hoping for a fifth one (as well as every player on the other team to simultaneously sprain an ankle).





The final piece of advice that all 49er fans must observe and be aware of, is that fact that it’s always third down at any given moment. Even as you’re reading this, it is currently third down. As such, it’s very important that you “MAKE SOME NOOOIIIISEE!” Because nothing gets people more hyped up then some angry elf man yelling at you to “GET ON YOUR FEET, NINER NATION!”




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