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How to Make a Protein Shake that Actually Tastes Good

The secret to being in shape is working out, getting meh sleep, doing regular steroid injections and, of course, nutrition. The first three may seem easy enough, but many people have trouble with the nutrition portion. Here’s a simple and nutty “shake up” on a bro’s favorite: the almighty protein shake. Here’s how to make a protein shake that doesn’t taste like ass.

 What You’ll Need:

-2 scoops of vanilla protein powder

-6 chopped macadamia nuts

-Some other types of nuts, don’t discriminate

-More nuts

-1 teaspoon vanilla extract

-1/2 cup skim milk

-2 teaspoons cocoa powder

-Enough water to mix

Cook Time:
1 minute if making before workout, or 10 minutes if making after workout because your arms are so sore after trying to get big. Pussy.

Fatty Factor:
Everybody loves fat nuts—right?

Let’s Get Baked:

-Pour the water and 2 scoops of protein powder inside a blender.

-Blend until well mixed.

-Put the 6 chopped macadamia nuts and whatever other nuts you found in the back of your pantry in the blender along with the vanilla extract and the milk.

-Blend mixture until you’ve got a smooth, creamy texture.

-Find a shaker bottle to put your shake in so everyone knows that you work out.

Now drink and get big. And don’t forget to feel proud that you’ve just drank more protein in one drink than those wimpy frat boys do in a week.

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