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How to Make Vodka Gummy Bears: A Truly Boozy Recipe

Food is good and booze is better. Candy is food, but is better food than non-candy food. Booze is good, but hard liquor is better than non-hard liquor booze. Let’s put that all together for a truly great thing, and learn how to make vodka gummy bears:

What You’ll Need:

-A big glass, bowl.

-A bottle of mid-tier vodka (Svedka is good.)

-Natural sugar gummy bears.

Cook Time:
No cooking involved, but it takes a day at least so beware.

Fatty Factor:
If the gummy bears don’t make you fat, the pizza you eat after getting loaded on ‘em will.

Let’s Get Baked:

-Place the gummy bears in the large glass bowl. The wider and shallower the bowl is, the better.

-Pour vodka to the top of the pile of gummy bears—no more, or your bears will end up mushy.

-Cover in plastic wrap and place in the fridge.

-The bears will expand as they absorb the vodka, and will become gooier with time. 24 hours leads to a firm and slightly boozy bear, whereas 48 hours leads to a fat bear full of booze, but is kinda pretty slimy.

-When you’re done letting the booze soak in, toss the bears in a Ziploc bag, then toss them in the freezer.

-Remove a few hours before you eat ‘em.

As you’re downing these by the handful, remember the good ole’ days when candy was candy and liquor was off limits. You sure as shit won’t remember tonight after 40 or 50 of these. 

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