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Top 10: September Yaks at UNCC


Even though our football program is mediocre, all UNCC students know we make up for it with our Yik Yik game. It’s so on point that The Black Sheep had a difficult (and hilarious) time judging screenshots of the best, crudest, truest (and rudest?) yaks of September. Did yours make our cut?


10.) Procrastinating:




Now that September’s drawing to a close, and we’re barely prepared for midterms, what have we learned?


9.) Learning the true nature of SoVi: 




Oh, the glorious moment freshmen begin to despise, SoVi, having used all their DB at Panda Express. Keep on swiping, kids.


8.) The Climb:



It’s leg day, every day, at the only campus you can struggle uphill to class and return the exact same way, but still be going uphill.


7.) Crown’s Burn:



Third degree burns are actually a part of Crown’s carefully crafted aesthetic (along with obese fruit flies and soggy pizza).


6.) Webwork and Chill:



“Maybe I shouldn’t Netflix and Tinder every night?” – excerpt from September, A Frat Boy’s Autobiography






Nothing gets you going like that gravelly, monotone voice at 7 a.m. Establish your dominance early, freshman.


4.) Niner Football Forecast:




An anonymous student meteorologist delivered a salty forecast after endless days of rain and Saturday’s truly unfortunate display of athleticism against Florida Atlantic.


3.) ECU Girls:




If the past week taught us anything about being disappointed about and split over UNCC’s football, it’s that we know we can always come together as a community in bashing ECU.


2.) SoVi Part II:




Everyone with a meal plan this past Saturday during Family Weekend reported statements of, “Where has all this delicious food been?! It’s not like they specifically bring out better food for the parents- or fix every broken drink machine in Sovi for the parents. UNCC wouldn’t do that to us… It’s going to get better from here out!”


P.S. It won’t.


1.) 49ers Express Password:




“Change my password… Shit, 90 days at UNCC have already gone by? Midterms are next week? Fall break isn’t a myth? How many withdrawals can I use again?”


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