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UNCC Daddy of the Week: Rayshawn

UNCC is crawling with frat daddies and lucky for you, and The Black Sheep have taken it upon ourselves to pick out our favorite and hound him with a bajillion questions. Prepare your panties ladies (and gentlemen), this week’s daddy is a 10/10.

Name: Rayshawn or Ray
Age: 22 years young
Instagram: @raywilliams68
Major: Systems Engineering
Year: This is my fourth year but I’ll be doing one more haha.
Frat: Pi Kappa Phi
Relationship status: Single
Boxers or briefs: Briefs

Shotgun or bong a beer:
Bong all day

How much can you bench?:
340 lbs

Describe yourself in one word:

If you were a condom flavor, what would you be?:
Mango, because it’s sweet like me.

Fuck, Marry, Kill: Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Jennifer Aniston:
Kill Gaga, fuck Jennifer Aniston and marry Rihanna.

Pick up line for the ladies:
Are you a camera? Because every time I see you, I smile.

What is your spirit animal?:
Bear, because I like to eat and sleep. Plus I can be aggressive if needed.

Go to alcoholic beverage:
Henny-thing is possible

Who’s your role model:
Will Smith

Cook Out order?:
BBQ sandwich, 2 ranch wraps and a sweet tea.

Why do you deserve to be Daddy of the Week:
Two words…six pack.

Think you deserve to be Daddy of the Week? Slide into our DMs at @BlackSheep_UNCC with a picture of your ring finger so we know it’s real.

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