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UNCC Musters Up Concern When Rape Case Involves Student-Athlete Kevin Olsen

University officials finally scrambled together Sunday afternoon to release an official statement on the arrest of UNC Charlotte’s quarterback, Kevin Olsen, once the story went viral:



Besides the disgust of yet another rape case for UNCC, the immediate response of university officials to this case royally pissed off the campus, when just last week a rape occurred in a dorm between two students without any notification or university statement. The lack of response from university officials  outraged students continually being left in the dark on important news regarding campus safety.

“When a rape happens on-campus, in a dorm, between two students, we don’t see the need to inform the student body,” the campus police defended. “We only had, like, 12 rapes on campus in 2015, with all but one occurring on in a residential dorm. There’s no need to be concerned or notify students.”

University officials apparently didn’t get the memo, distracted by the thoughts of the fledgling football team receiving inconvenient news coverage. The statement came out yesterday afternoon, soon after the arrest of Olsen on charges for second-degree forcible rape, cyberstalking, assault on a female, and second-degree forced sex.

“It was just sexual assault in an existing relationship,” the report makes sure to describe. “Not as bad as you thought at first, right?”

Students, however, weren’t so easily satiated. 

“Yeah, I don’t get it,” freshman Ian Reynolds lamented. “I was placed on a waiting list to get into UNCC, even though I had a 3.5 GPA in high school and extracurriculars. Olsen had a criminal record before getting signed and gets to be quarterback with his tuition paid for? F**k me, right?”

We ask though, did the university learn their lesson from the uproar last week when students weren’t notified about a rape taking place in a dorm, involving students? Is this why we’re seeing a statement released immediately about a athlete case taking place off-campus? 

“Definitely not,” a Title IX investigator said. “Student-athletes and the football program are top priority at our school. In this situation, we have to release a statement to avoid national backlash — this has nothing to do with how we normally handle cases of sexual assault at our university.”

The initial coverage of Kevin Olsen, brother of Panther’s tight-end and all-around decent human being, Greg Olsen, coming to UNCC’s football team received great feedback. However, Kevin Olsen seemed to be going downhill earlier than this present arrest, where he only appeared in six games this past season. 

“We just don’t want a bad name for our football program. I had to look past his incredibly troubled background for the good of the team,” head football coach, Brad Lambert said sympathetically. “It’s been difficult enough getting us started and funneling all the university’s funds directly into a losing team. Olsen’s been suspended — what more can we do or say?”

Junior Emily Dunkin was quick to offer a suggestion. “Maybe we should, oh, I don’t know, not bring on criminals to our football team? Did you see Olsen’s record? Why is anyone surprised this happened? How desperate are we to have a winning team?”

If it lessens the concerns of the student body, rest-assured that the Title IX office will likely only take a minimum 6 months to actually address the case, maybe longer considering the number of sexual misconduct cases on our campus. You can’t rush justice, right? 

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