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UNC Charlotte Daddy of the Week: Michael

What makes a daddy? Is it khakis, white New Balances, and a passion for grilling? Here at The Black Sheep, we think it’s something more than that. Daddies have a certain grace and elegance about them, beyond the appearance and dad jokes. They’re our guardian angels. They bring a little more joy into the world, and this week’s daddy certainly goes above and beyond our angelic expectations.

Name: Michael E.
Instagram: @m_ellis94
Major: Computer Science
Year: Senior
Frat: Phi Sigma Kappa
Relationship Status: Single (But don’t tell his girlfriend.)

What is the most “dad” quality about you?:
I only wear loafers.

Would you rather shotgun a Four Loko or go commando for a week?:
Why not both?

If you had a child, and had to name him/her after a U.S. President, who would you chose?:
Donald Trump.

Fuck, marry, kill: Paul Walker, the Tooth Fairy, Scooby Doo:
Fuck the Tooth Fairy, marry Paul Walker- he’s dead so I get all his money, and kill Scooby Doo, sorry.

Signature drink?:
Sidewalk slammers and back-to-back Four Loko bongs.

What are those?:
Sidewalk slammers are when you drink some of a 40, pour a Four Loko in it, then you shake it up, and drink the rest. By then, you’re drunk enough to throw it on the ground and break it. With back-to-back Four Loko Bongs, you just beer bong Four Lokos back-to-back.

What’s your go-to hangover food?:
More beer.

If you were a condom, what flavor would you be?:

If you had to date a kind of lunch meat, what would you date?:
Boar’s Head, they’re the best.

Why do you deserve to be Daddy of the Week?:
Hmm… that’s a tough question. I could tell a dad joke!

My girlfriend said to me, “I’m pregnant.” I said, “Hi pregnant, I’m dad.”

If you’re interested in being next week’s Daddy or know someone who would let us know on Twitter via @BlackSheep_UNCC, or email us at!

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