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UNCC’s Daddy of the Week: Joseph

The obsession with beer drinking, golf playing, truck driving ~daddies~ has exploded onto college campuses, including good ol’ UNCC. The Black Sheep wants to honor these fatherly figures with a new weekly segment — Daddy of the Week. Without further delay, let’s introduce this week’s UNCC Daddy…

Name: Joseph B
Nickname: Tito
Twitter: @Jbonds49
Instagram: @Jbonds49
Major: Criminal Justice
Frat: Kappa Sigma
Year: Junior-ish
Relationship status: Ehhh….
Boxers or briefs: Briefs all day. Anyone older than 14 shouldn’t wear boxers.

What has been your most “Dad” moment this year?:
Either when a customer at work refused to believe that I didn’t have kids or when I was drinking at the house watching people play basketball and volleyball and realized how content I’ll be watching my kids play sports with a drink in hand.

If you were a condom flavor, what would you be?:
Probably banana.

Fuck, Marry, Kill — Spider-Man, Batman, Superman?:
Superman because he’s a stud in all the movies, Batman because he’s got a lot of cool gadgets, and Superman because he seems kind of boring to me.

Do you have a special talent?:
I’m pretty good at day drinking into poor decisions.

Go to alcoholic beverage?:
Tough one…If I’m trying to be classy probably a whiskey ginger or a nice IPA and if I’m trying to be trashy easily either Miller Lite or Busch Light.

Who is your role model?:
Hands down, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

What is your cookout order?:
BBQ tray with no slaw, Cajun fries, ranch wrap, sweet tea.

Why do you deserve to be Daddy of the Week?:
Because I embody the vision of a “Dad.”

If you’re interested in being next week’s Daddy or know someone who would let us know on Twitter via @BlackSheep_UNCC, or email us at!

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