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What Taylor Swift’s 1989 Album is Really About

T-Swizzle is not just a saving grace for musical enjoyment, her sweet, melodic words get us through the darkest of times and the toughest days. With Taylor Swift’s new album, 1989, critics have been trying to guess what the meanings are behind each song, but so far they’ve been false. There is no love song about Harry Styles and no lashing out at the haters. The Black Sheep has the real meanings behind each song.


1. “Welcome To New York: Taylor Swift sings the word “New York” 21 times in this song, so obviously that’s a hidden metaphor for getting drunk in New York. Way to start of the album strong, Taylor.


2. “Blank Space”:This song is about losing a lot of money while gambling. The lines “cause you know I love the players / And you love the game… we’ll take this way too far” is clearly stating that whoever Taylor is out gambling with is spending all of the money they have, but Taylor is content just watching and flirting.


3. “Style: Everyone has bad outfit days and Taylor Swift channels that feeling with this song. She sings “when we go crashing down / we come back every time / cause we never go out of style,” which means sometimes we have a really bad outfit day, but we can always come back from that because everyone has their own style. Very inspiring, Taylor.


4. “Out of the Woods: This song is about camping and what a horrible experience it is. Taylor is constantly singing over and over “are we out of the woods yet? Are we in the clear yet? Good.” Anyone who hates camping will really connect with this song.


5. “All You Had To Do Was Stay”: The ridiculously cold weather got Taylor really inspired for this song. “Let me remind you, this was what you wanted. You ended it, you were all I wanted, but not like this,” is saying that Taylor was nice and let in the fall weather but she wasn’t happy when the weather changed to practically freezing.


6. “Shake It Off: Taylor’s sixth song, “Shake It Off,” is about trying to run away from some bee that’s buzzing around and is about to sting you. “I never miss a beat / I’m lighting on my feet” channels that feeling you get when you’re just running in circles trying to shake off the bee on you. She even sings “it’s gonna be alright” to help those out who have in fact been stung.


7. “I Wish You Would: This song is either about getting a bad night’s sleep or not getting any sleep at all. Throughout the song Taylor keeps reminding the listener that it’s 2 a.m. and she’s either in a car, in her room, or with someone. This song was written after a sleepless night for Taylor.


8. “Bad Blood: Obviously Taylor Swift felt really strongly about Ebola and it sparked her creativity. “You made really a deep cut / and baby now we got bad blood… now we got problems / and I don’t think we can solve them” is clearly stating the dangers of getting Ebola through open wounds. Taylor is really saving us with this song.


9. “Wildest Dreams: This song is about a one-night stand gone terribly wrong. Typical Taylor to write about relationship problems, am I right? “I can see the end as it begins” is obviously talking about the beginning of the hookup not feeling like it’s gonna last forever, hence the one-night stand metaphor.


10. “How You Get the Girl: Getting stood up at the altar is the subtext of this song. There’s also a hint of trying to get the person left at the altar back, but Taylor isn’t having it: “She’ll open up the door / and say, are you insane?”


11. “This Love: This song is actually about a ghost coming to visit you in the night. Taylor Swift must’ve had a paranormal experience, which gave her the inspiration for this song. “Tossing, turning, struggled through the night… / lantern burning, flickered in my mind…”


12. “I Know Places: Based on the title of this song, you might’ve already guessed that Taylor wrote about playing hide-and-seek. The meaning behind this song is obvious when Taylor sings, “Baby I know places we won’t be found and they’ll be chasing our trace / tryin’ to track us down / cause I, I know places we can hide.”


13. “Clean: The inspiration to this song occurred while Taylor Swift was in the shower. In fact, the whole song was written while in the shower. While showering in the morning Taylor sings, “and that morning… I think I am finally clean.”

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