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5 Absolute Worst Places To Be Found Crying At VCU

The stress of classes and nearing the end of the first semester is going to tear you apart emotionally. But it’s just a matter of when or where you’ll be seen choking on your own tears. The Black Sheep has compiled a list of the worst places to be caught crying at VCU:

5.) The 4th floor of Cabell:
Everyone knows that the 4th floor of the library is meant to be quiet, so what better choice of location than a silent study space to have your mental breakdown? Maybe that cute guy you always see roaming around from your psych class will find you by following your ugly sobbing and hyperventilating. He’ll turn the corner to see you hunched over like a rat sobbing into your jacket. That’s one way to get ‘em!

4.) Top of the rock climbing wall at Cary Street Gym:
So you’re getting your workout on, trying to relieve some stress. You reach the top of the easiest wall, since you can’t accomplish anything else, and burst into wild case of emotion. Your tears fall on the worker attached to your harness and he asks if the ceiling is leaking. But no, it’s just you crying about how Steven left you on “read” again. And you thought bros were supposed to come before hoes. 

3.) In the middle of the Panda Express line:
Finally you get to Panda Express after a terrible day of studying and contemplating jumping into moving traffic. You’re about to order some of that authentic orange chicken, when all of a sudden your throat tenses up and you can’t answer the employee. Everyone around you starts glaring and yelling at you because you haven’t spoken in three minutes now. C’mon, you know better then to anger the hungry college kids. At this point, throwing yourself in front of a car seems better than fried rice.

2.) Center of the Compass:
Ah, yes a nice to place to cry right in front of other students. It’s been a long week and you just can’t go on so you fall to your knees because your black heart can’t take anymore stressors between the long lines at Starbucks and the weird sign people surrounding you. Is this rock bottom? Yes, so you might as well go all-out. Starfish in the middle and get caught putting on the best public water works show

1.) On Ramsafe:
What better way to express your feelings is there than to be spotted crying in the back of the Ramsafe. The driver keeps looking in his mirror to make sure you’re alright, but who are you kidding? It’s 2 a.m., you’re sappy drunk, and thinking about how you’re going to get on the list for the next frat party. So no, you’re not okay.

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