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5 Questions We Have for the Dude With the Huge Dong on VCUNudes

If you’re a frequent Snapchat user at VCU, the chances are you’ve heard rumors of the infamous page, VCUnudes. If you aren’t familiar with it then the concept is simple: if you send them a nude photo of yourself, it gets posted on their story and then you receive screenshotting privileges. Though it may be unnerving to some, a dick pic throughout the day can be a nice gentle “pick me up” for others, so to speak. If you’ve been a devoted follower of the page for quite sometime then you may remember last year when one day on their story was a horse-sized penis. Even if you have forgotten all about it, The Black Sheep hasn’t and definitely has some questions for him.

5.) How has your career advanced after the famous picture?:
Having a massive schlong is no small matter, pun intended. And when you flaunt it for the first time on social media, your life could change in an instant. Though it is completely anonymous, you still know that you were the one with the gigantic penis on VCUnudes. It could be a real opportunity for your career to advance, and we would like to know whether or not this endowed gentlemen seized that, or let it slip by.

4.) Does this come from your father or mother’s side?:
Genetics are very important—they make up who you are, literally! So we would like to know where this penile superiority came from? Is your father just as well-endowed as you are, or is it your grandfather on your mother’s side? Whichever it is, give us their numbers!

3.) What baby did you steal that arm from?:
The overall size of the penis was so large that it didn’t seem humanly possible. In fact, it was more so the size of a baby’s arm, and there is a theory going around that the penis is actually a baby’s arm instead of genitalia. We’re curious to know if these accusations are true, and if they are, then whose baby was it? Do they miss their arm?

2.) How are you doing today?:
Mental health is also very important to those who have just came into some fame, so one of the most important things to know is how this person is doing on this day. Has all the fame gone to their head? If so, which head? We are concerned for our famous friend, and hope that the fame of posting this picture hasn’t hurt them in any way negatively.

1.) Is your family proud of you?:
This is a very odd thing to be famous for: having a huge dick isn’t exactly something you outright tell your family. So, we don’t even know if this person actually ever told his parents of his fame. But we believe in honesty, and the best of people, so we’re assuming that he has indeed told his parents of his enormous penis, and the fame that followed. If so, is your family proud of you? If so, keep doing what you’re doing!

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