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7 Things We Were Into in 2011, The Last Time VCU Made The Final Four

VCU has had its ups and downs over the years, for sure, and the anticipation of March Madness ending is leaving some Rams in shambles. After all, last time we made it to the Final Four, it was 2011. To honor the seven years it has been since VCU made the Final Four, here’s seven things that may have been just as big of a deal in 2011.

7.) Planking:
We’re gonna cut right to the chase here, boys. You may have forgotten, you may lay awake each night comforted only by black plastic bags from Clay Mart trying to forget about it, but you were planking. Your friends were planking. Last time us Rams made it to the finals, we were also laying on every surface from Johnson to Cabi…and you’re right that does remind you of your first semester.

6.) “Friday” by Rebecca Black: 
Before we could truly rock the black and gold, we all had to rock the Rebecca Black. Before everyone’s favorite thing to hate was U of R and Shafer Shits, we all commiserated over one of the most infectious ear worms since, well, since an infectious case of ear worms hit Cabell probably.

5.) Anthony Weiner:
Seven years ago, not only did VCU make finals, but Anthony Weiner made us all lose our shit. In the most comedy gold moment for every 12 year old across America, a dick pic scandal bigger than our very own VCU Nudes celeb hit the news, as a dude who’s last name is straight up “Weiner” had nudes leaked. VCU came out a winner, Anthony came out a wiener.

4.) Jack And Jill:
No it wasn’t a collective fever dream as much as we all desperately wish it was. Whether you like it or not, we all had to bear witness to this Adam Sandler atrocity. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back when the trailer hit theaters, and the Kevin Federline of comedy brought his latest offering to the American people. Jack and Jill certainly wasn’t our favorite film, but it did keep us from growing too cocky about the state of the world after making it to finals.



3.) “Super Bass”:
What better way for Rams in 2011 to start their pregame than to fucking blast “Super Bass” outside the Siegel Center? While evidence remains hard to narrow down, especially as years go on, it is believed by some that Nicki Minaj herself granted VCU the power to win in the game that led us to the final four. One thing is for certain: We’d be lost without Super Bass.

2.) Glee:
Glee was in fact, still a thing. If you have beef with musical theatre majors at VCU now, there’s no telling the emotions one would feel bumping into a pack of them singing the Glee version of any given song just because you had to go past the Shafer Street Playhouse to get to class.

1.) #winning:
Much of 2011 was a humbling experience, but more what’s more fun than being humble after a win? Being a crazed narcissist. In the true spirit of VCU, we witnessed a drug-and-alcohol-fueled victory mantra be recited time and time again by Charlie Sheen, whose skin, oddly enough, was in fact modeled after the surface of a basketball.



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