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How To Not Be An A**hole At A VCU Basketball Game

VCU basketball is well underway, tensions are high, and excitement is brewing, and to make sure everyone has a great time, The Black Sheep has some tips and tricks to avoid being THAT asshole at the game.

5.) DO NOT start a “Shaka Smart” chant:


He is not our coach anymore, and as sad as that is, no one wants to hear you cheering his name; it brings up sad memories. Him leaving VCU is a reason why we all have trust issues. 

4.) DO NOT yell directions to the players when you know nothing about basketball:


Don’t you just hate that one guy who always shouts completely ridiculous ideas at the players? Like “BACK ON D!” when they were on offense or “DRIVE, DRIVE, DRIVE!” when we don’t even have the ball? No one needs to hear armchair-coaching, so even if you think you know the best play of all time, you don’t. Just shut up.

3.) DO NOT take selfies during the whole game like those girls from Arizona: 


If a girl goes to a basketball game and doesn’t have a 302,393 selfies, did she really even go? We get it, ladies. You got all sexy for this basketball game so you can score some shawtys in the stands. But please do not spend the entire game taking selfies with your friends—at least pretend like you’re watching the game. Try to keep the selfies between 0-4.

2.) DO NOT use the game as an excuse to get blackout drunk.


Basketball games are super fun. That is, until your friend gets belligerent and instead of watching the game, you’re holding his hair in the bathroom. Don’t be that person. There is a fine line between “They’re so funny” and “Hold my earrings, this guy/gal is so annoying.”

1.) DO NOT complain about how long the line for picking up reserved tickets is:


Yes, the line for picking up reserved tickets is long. However, you are not the only one struggling here. Everyone has to wait in the long ass line, so try to keep your complaints to yourself. If you can’t handle the wait, bring something along with you to pass the time! Some fun waiting activities include Tetris, Uno, taking shots of tequila, trying to perfect the “man bun,” or watching an entire season of your favorite show on Netflix. The time will fly by, and you’ll be in the stadium ready to cheer in no time!

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