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We Found the Best 4 Apartments In Richmond To Be All Angsty In


So you’re on your first apartment hunt! There are many things to consider, like affordable rent and distance from campus, right? But you forgot what’s most important to you — focusing on a place that makes it possible for you to be angsty to the absolute fullest extent all the time. Here are some of the best that we found: 


4.) A Hipster’s Nostalgic Wet Dream:



First off, this vintage home is a good go to for all your outdoor French beret-wearing needs. The unique red painted wall paired with the black windows is one of the best ways to live your Wes Anderson fantasy despite being surrounded by Quentin Tarantino-like crime. Along with huge windows to stare out of in times contemplation on rainy days, this place includes a porch for you to ignore the police sirens and drink black coffee while you write a handwritten letter to an old flame.


3.) The Unmarked Barn at the End of the Street: 



What is especially fantastic about this place is that is most definitely haunted. The ad for this “Historic Barn Apartment” features absolutely no pictures, which will make finding all the trap doors even more satisfying. Conducting seances in the middle of house just got about 10 times easier.


2.) Muggings and Traffic and Loneliness — Oh My!: 



Muggings, traffic, and much much more! An apartment on West Broad Street has you right at the center of all the action, so you can live it up in the city while you contemplate how totally ironic and deep it is that people don’t really, like,  know their neighbors, y’know? Not only that, but this is a studio apartment, whose close quarters is crucial for everyone in kitchen being able to watch you cry in your bedroom. Where is the dining room, you ask? Where isn’t the dining room? Eat turkey chili out of your only clean dish while you bask in the blue light of an old television while sitting on a dirty milk crate full of bad vinyls.  

1.) The I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not-Affordable Apartment:



This place is over $1000 a month for one bedroom, which is great because getting a place that you can just barely afford is definitely a key part of what will be the angstiest years of your life. You need to be a starving artist, so  don’t let a “food budget” keep you from renting a place with hardwood floors that you can stare at your ceiling from all day long. Additionally, this apartment has a tub, as well as a shower — but hopefully one with a leaky faucet! It will be a prime location to take photobooth selfies on your used MacBook and will double as a great place to crouch down and be as small as your place in the universe.


Finding your first apartment is important, but finding the apartment you’ll think about as you romanticize the grossest four years of your life is even more important.




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