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Chili’s Faces Bleecker St. in The Munch Madness Championship

Hold on, do you smell that? It smells as if snow days are snow longer a recurring event, that there are more showers outside than you take inside, and that there is more pollen in your nose than there is nose candy in an AFO student’s…that’s right, IT’S APRIL! Here at VC-Chew, Chili’s and Bleecker St. have found each other in the Munch Madness National Championship, so we’ve provided some expert matchup analysis, along with the favorite and underdog, and educated predictions. 

The Cinderella Story — Chili’s: 
Chili’s making it to the finals is almost as surprising as Loyola-Chicago making it to the Final Four. With a hope, a prayer, and a critical dining dollar selection, they’ve charged their way to the finals. Between a daily happy hour menu that Guy Fieri would say comes straight from Flavor Town, and a wide variety of appetizers, burgers, fajitas, salads, and steaks, and a list of food that is actually 100% edible, Chili’s may just have a chance here against Bleecker St. Can the Cinderella story continue? Or will Chili’s follow the likes of Sister Jean, leaving them left to visit their priest to confess for their poor finals performance?

The Favorite — Bleecker St.: 
It was known before the tournament even started that Bleecker would be a heavier favorite in Munch Madness than Floyd Mayweather vs…well any of his 50 opponents. From the selections of bread, proteins, cheeses, toppings, and spreads, Bleecker St. has always been a top-tier dining option here at VCU. Bleecker’s Van Gogh-artistry of sandwiches truly made it known that they’re on a mission to bulldoze anyone standing in their way. Lucky for Chili’s, though, they have a lot of seating. Will that be enough for Chili’s to dodge Bleecker? Or will Bleecker sandwiches chill out Chili’s hot streak and send the underdog home with its tail tucked between its legs?



VCU Vegas Line — Bleecker St. –8%:
Due to the locations of each being inconvenient to your average, lazy VCU student, it should be a close match. In one corner, you have the real-life restaurant of Chili’s. In the other corner you have Bleecker St. that is always a swipe, opposed to Chili’s specifically being dining dollars. Chili’s does not allow alcoholic beverages as a part of their dining dollars, which is more un-American than taking a blue jay in a fight against a Bald Eagle. GAME CHAAAAANGER HERE, FOLKS. After weighing the pros and the cons together, we give Bleecker St. the upper-hand, with a prediction of Bleecker St. arising victorious with a score of 54%-46%.





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