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5 Ghosts You’ll Meet While Doing A Seance In Johnson Hall

With the beginning of fall, and October just around the corner, you may be noticing things getting a little spookier around campus. While Halloween itself might add a bit of pumpkin spice to this drab excuse for a season, there are a variety of pretty spooky things happening this very moment in our own Johnson Hall. Although there is no solid evidence online of any supernatural activity happening in Johnson, everyone knows it’s there, and everyone knows the ghosts you’re going to meet while doing a seance in Johnson Hall: 

5.) Mark (the one who’s crying for some reason):
If you for whatever reason experience Mark during a seance, consider yourself lucky! Mark doesn’t come out too often, seances usually inflict heavily with his yoga schedule, but when he does it’s always a treat! He’ll sob for hours and hours and when you ask him why it is he’s crying he’ll just say something like, “You don’t get it!” or “I hate this town!” Spooky!

4.) Cecelia (the one who got abandoned on her wedding day):
Another rarity to get, in terms of the seance world, is Cecelia. Now Cecelia’s story is sad: she was in Johnson Hall when she was wed to be married, but when the groom never showed up she realized she had the wrong location for the wedding the entire time! You know what she died of—embarrassment! Now she wanders the halls every once in awhile saying things like, “Ohhh, he meant W. Grace not Franklin!” Ah!

3.) Thomas (the one who isn’t Steven):
Every haunted place has to have a creepy set of twins just to make the mood a little bit eerier. But you’ll be even more scared to learn that this set of twins never travels together! And they are so identical that you’ll never know which twin it is you’re getting. They’ll usually be saying something like, “Oh, no, that’s not me that’s the other one!” Frightening!

2.) Steven (the one who isn’t Thomas)
See above. Terrifying!

1.) Francis (he’s just plain pissed off):
This is probably the most common, and scariest, of ghosts that you could possibly encounter. Francis is always angry for some reason, and they haven’t stopped since their death! You could tell them to take a chill pill, but never ask them why they’re angry. If you do ask, you had better have the next five hours free to listen to their problems rooted from a bad upbringing. And don’t even think about leaving during those five hours—that will only make them angrier and they’ll probably bore you to death. Heartbreaking!

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