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Insider’s Guide To The Wondrous World Of VCU Dining

VCU dining is one of the finest establishments to ever exist on a college campus. The cooks at Shafer dining hall put their blood, sweat, and tears (and sometimes hair) into everything they make for hungry students. Around campus, you’ll find tons of places that totally don’t rip you off or give you food poisoning. Here are some insider facts about dining at VCU:

5.) There’s extra protein when you least expect it:
Now we all know protein is pretty important in meals, especially to those fitness-crazed bodybuilders who work out religiously at Cary Street Gym. To boost the protein in some foods, the chefs at Freshii will sometimes toss a flavorful slug into the salads. If you thought this couldn’t get any better, an extra fun fact about this: if you are rewarded a slug in your salad, Rodney the Ram will appear and grant you three wishes. Sometimes the added protein isn’t a slug, but a ladybug, or a nice crunchy beetle. Don’t sweat it.

4.) Timing is everything:
So you’ve been waiting in line for what feels like three days and you finally get up to the register, order a simple grilled cheese from IHOP express, and assume it will be out in less than five minutes. Wrong. Even the easiest things to make will take double what you waited in line for, so sit back and relax. Learning to manage your time is crucial, so this may be an ideal time to work on a paper or two. Maybe you could watch the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy twice through while waiting for your order.

3.) There’s always an (un)abundance of food:
There are roughly 32,000 mouths to feed at VCU, and luckily there is always plenty of food on campus. Except for maybe anything you’ve been craving. Panda Express is one of the best examples. After waiting in the Panda Express line for a whole semester’s length, you may have the hankering for some orange chicken. The one thing Panda always lacks is orange chicken, or literally anything else you really wanted. They do, however, always have plenty of whatever the person just ahead of you wanted.

2.) Everyone who serves you is dead inside:
Ah, the best thing about VCU dining is all the happy faces that greet you behind the counter. People may look like they want to die, or are already dead inside, and that’s because they are! While many students tend to complain about the attitude their given at the counter, few have found the key to great service at VCU. Just run away as soon as they hand you your food and don’t look back.

1.) Swipes are worth it: 
Swipes make everything better. It makes complete sense that you’d get charged one swipe which is equal to $9 when your meal only came to $6.50. The small portions keep you at a distance nowhere near your daily caloric intake. Burnt cheese and a diet all in one! Bargains like this don’t come every day, and if your plan to pay off student debt by jaywalking like so many other VCU students fails, you’ll wanna swoop in on this one.


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