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Musician Offends Richmond Locals on Letterman

Last night, local musician Matthew E. White was the musical guest on David Letterman. Normally Richmonders would rejoice seeing one of their own in TV, but that wasn’t the case for White last night.


The Black Sheep took to the sketchy sidewalks of Richmond to find out why people didn’t show much love to White after his performance. We caught up with bike shop owner and former Matthew White fan, Robert Burton.


“I just don’t feel like he praised RVA enough last night, and I found it really disappointing,” Burton said. “I hate to say it but he’s let fame get to his head. I even threw away my Big Inner vinyl.”


Burton isn’t the only citizen worried that White has lost touch with his roots. With co-signs from The New York Times and The Guardian under his belt, White is definitely making an impression with his music. This year he’s releasing his sophomore album Fresh Blood, showcasing at SXSW, and touring across the U.S. It’s kind of hard to stay humble at this point.


Sarah Freeman, a local indie music blogger, is unimpressed with White’s recent change of tune.


“He got his whole beard-and-glasses look in Richmond. This city took him in,” Freeman said. “To see what Matthew has become now is so sad. Honestly I’m just going to quote his lyrics, because they fit the situation: ‘we’ll miss you baby, we’ll miss you dear.’ I think this whole community feels the loss.”


Freeman, Burton and several other prominent community members plan to organize a support group for former fans in the following weeks. If you’re seeking help getting of the beautiful music of Matthew E. White… God save you, but no one can help you.

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